Chicago Critical Mass - Fri 6/26/2020
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Other Events
Event Organizers During a Pandemic
Mon Oct 26th 2020 - Sat Jul 31st
This has been a challenging time for us. The Chainlink loves group rides, getting out on the bike, hanging with friends. During a pandemic, that can be terribly tricky. Here are some guidelines to help you navigate getting an event approved:
1. Mask requirements - have your riders wear masks on your rides. Say it in the event description.
2. Social distancing - encourage keeping safe distance from one another to avoid spray and spread.
3. Limit the numbers - put a cap…
When to Call in the Pros by Christopher Wallace
Tue Feb 9th 7-8pm
Virtual Zoom webinar
All bikes need maintenance at one time or another and there are some procedures you can do yourself and others that, unless you’ve invested in tools, training and practice, should be done in collaboration with a bike shop. Come to learn what you need to know to keep your bike running smoothly from Christopher Wallace, a bicycle educator for over 30 years and former science teacher who possesses and communicates a genius level bicycle/science knowledge. Christopher is founder of…
https://www.earthridercycling… 773-360-1816
Test Your Knowledge with the Bike Safety Quiz by Dave Simmons
Tue Mar 9th 7-8pm
Virtual Zoom webinar
There are cyclists that bike hundreds of miles year after year on the roads without a crash or injury and it is more than just luck. Experienced cyclists educate themselves on the rules of the road and common situations for crashes so they know how to avoid or reduce exposure to hazardous situations. To help fill in the gap between safe and risky behavior, Ride Illinois, the statewide bicycle advocacy organization, developed… 773-360-1816
Local Adventure Cycling by Tom Limon
Tue Apr 13th 7-8pm
Virtual meeting
A great place to ride your bike is in your own backyard and there is help to do that. 
curates day-long adventure cycling tours through historical neighborhoods, urban archeological ruins, street art, and interesting destinations. In response to the pandemic they created a series of self-guided bike tours all over the city. Join us to hear Tom Limon, from Biketropolis talk about…
https://www.earthridercycling… 773-360-1816
Chicago Critical Mass
Fri Apr 30th 6-11pm
Daley Plaza, 50 W Washington
Last Fridays, leaves after 6pm.
THE monthly gathering of bicyclists making their presence known downtown for 20+ years. Slowly winds a dozen miles or more. Radically inclusive, thousands attend in good weather.
Daley Plaza, 50 W Washington. Under the Picasso (giant rusty bird), at Dearborn.…

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World Naked Bike Ride - Chicago #18
Sat Jun 12th 6-11:45pm
(Due to the plague, 2020's WNBRC#17 WILL NOT BE PRODUCED!!!)
Massive event promoting the end of oil and the beauty of people.  Held globally with dozens of cities participating.  Bare-as-you-dare with outfits ranging from body paint to fanciful costumes to beachwear. Chicago's seen over two thousand cyclists and skaters and more tour over a dozen miles of high visibility tourism and recreation areas. The ride's atmosphere is extremely joyful and transcendently fun.  Bicycles…

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