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HTML Demo Page

Table of Contents

This document contains samples of most HTML constructs. To see the tags, use "View / Source" from your browser. Also see: HTML reference and colors.

  1. Character highlighting
  2. Headings
  3. Fonts
  4. Lists
  5. Inline images
  6. Special characters
  1. Address text
  2. Preformated text
  3. Blockquote text
  4. Centered text
  5. Tables
  6. Forms

Character Highlighting



Font attributes (names, color, size) may be controlled by HTML tags.


Ordered List
  1. Line 1
  2. Line 2

Unordered List

Definition List

Term 1
Term 1's definition
Term 2
Term 2's definition

Directory List (looks just like unordered list)

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Menu List (looks just like unordered list)

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Lists can be nested in various ways

    1. First Item
    2. Second Item

    Inline images

    Here is an inline image. test image unless an error occurs in which case an error bitmap is shown. Images may be aligned so that text is at the bottom (default) , at the top or in the middle .

    Images may be hot bitmap hotspots too.

    Special Characters

    In an HTML document, some characters must be specially entered.

    Address Text

    Mr. John Doe
    1234 Main Street
    Anytown USA 12345

    Preformated Text

    This is preformated text, <pre>.  Multiple spaces    and
    carriage returns are recognized.  Preformated text won't
    wrap.  It can have hot spots too. 

    Blockquote Text

    This is blockquote text. It is used to indicate text quoted from another source. Here it is rendered as indented plain text.

    Centered Text

    Here is a line of centered text.


    Weight Fee
    Not over 10 pounds $1.80
    Over 10 pounds $2.50

    HTML Forms

    Pizza Order
      10 in
      12 in
      16 in
    Payment Method
    Special Instructions