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Colors practice in Sayulita Mexico
Possibly the best recording ever of Colors (Steve Warren on guitar, John Morand on drums, Andrew Bedno on bass). Includes 7 original works, one cover (Devo's Uncontrollable Urge), and some goofing around. Recorded on a simple stereo boom box, on a clear summer day, in a clean airy little brick house in a small Mexican village. All three of us were at a high-point in musical competence. Reflects lots of Dixie Dregs modern tech-jazz influence. Encoded from cassette. 32:12
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       "Don't Fear …
       "Bickering O…
       "Gentle Soun…
       "Natural Sig…
       NPR Intervie…
      Spike Manton…
      "Daniel's Ja…
      TI99 Fugue
      "La Ramita"
       "Fieston En …
       "Mujer Compl…
       Scarlet Lett…
       Scarlet Lett…
       Scarlet Lett…
       Colors pract…
       Douglas Free…
       B.A. Graves …
       "The Foreclo…






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