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Web Developer

  • Decades of professional programming experience.
  • Fluent in PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, C, VB, etc.
  • Skilled in SalesForce, WordPress, Drupal, other CMSs.
  • Long history of reliable full stack projects.


  • Many years of Content Management Systems work.
  • Setup and admin skills with common OSs, servers and software.
  • Search engine optimization, mass emailing and marketing experience.
  • Developed apps for smartphones and other mobile platforms.
  • Created business systems, AR/AP, point of sales, shipping, payroll, etc.
  • Adept at data transfer protocols, APIs, integrations, format conversions.
  • Expertise in barcoding, GPS, embedded, speech, other niches.
  • Graphics, video, audio, photo, typography and design skills.


  • ICCP Certified with honors 1992
  • University of Illinois at Chicago 1985


  • Speaks fluent Spanish.
  • Renowned bicycling advocate.

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 History   Kudos   Samples