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The Park Ridge Bike Task Force is working to make good things happen in this northwest suburban community.
  Sat 1/7 12:40p   Activetrans  
Cyclists have the greatest odds of showing up to work or school energized and punctual.
  Fri 1/6 2:45p   Activetrans  
MT @ITAbuzz: gear up 4 our River Trail Action Plan Reception w/ @activetrans 1/10, 530-7p🤓🚴🏼
  Fri 1/6 9:15a   Activetrans  
Would you support someone riding a bike into Lake Michigan to create better biking, walking and transit?…
  Thu 1/5 1:45p   Activetrans  
RT @ILBicycleLaw: @activetrans Dennis Jurs was a Purple Heart recipient, loving family man, and committed Illinois bicyclist. He deserved t…
  Thu 1/5 11:05a   Activetrans
Bikes belong on our streets. Sadly, people in law enforcement and the judicial system don't always agree.
  Thu 1/5 9:15a   Activetrans  
New law clarifies right-of-way for bikes Thanks to the Jurs Family and @ILBicycleLaw
  Wed 1/4 3:20p   Activetrans  
Paul Meincke, contributing reporter at @ABC7Chicago , shares his bike ride across US. Way to go, Paul! #BikeChi
  Wed 1/4 1:45p   Activetrans  
Before your next bike ride or walk, learn about your rights on the road:
  Wed 1/4 10:15a   Activetrans  
South Shore Line announces a very modest expansion of the bikes on trains program.
  Tue 1/3 3:05p   Activetrans  
Brrr! Riding a bike into Lake Michigan to support better biking, walking and transit? Sure, why not!?
  Tue 1/3 2:05p   Activetrans  
Want to learn more about active transportation projects in the South Suburbs? Check out our In Your Community page!…
  Mon 1/2 12:01p   Activetrans  
Interested in getting learning more or getting involved in the North Suburbs? Check out our In Your Community Page!…
  Fri 12/30/16 8:30a   Activetrans  
Looking for ways to get involved in advocating for active transportation on the North Side?
  Thu 12/29/16 2:31p   Activetrans  

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