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NEWS from Active Transportation AllianceOld»        POST 
RT @streetsblogchi: #ParkingDay highlights some of the awesome things we could do with urban land if we weren't so obsessed with guaranteei…
  Thu 9/19 4:11p   Activetrans
Join @AldermanHopkins for his Bike the 2nd Ward ride this Sunday at 8am. It's a casual, 12.5 mile ride through his…
  Thu 9/19 3:21p   Activetrans  
We're making progress towards a continuous Chicago River Trail. Check out the latest news from our river trail camp…
  Thu 9/19 1:05p   Activetrans  
@itskylelucas this is a truly regional project so all your elected officials have a voice: @ToniPreckwinkle,…
  Thu 9/19 12:28p   Activetrans  
"Politics and inter-agency competition shouldn’t get in the way of delivering better transit service to the people…
  Thu 9/19 11:22a   Activetrans  
@chicagosmayor UPDATE: today's @chicagosmayor budget town hall has been moved to a larger location: George Washingt…
  Thu 9/19 11:21a   Activetrans  
.@chicagosmayor third budget town hall is TODAY from 6pm to 8pm Southeast United Methodist Youth + Community Center…
  Thu 9/19 10:06a   Activetrans  
RT @Stephanie_Sims: Got to speak up in favor of the #dickensgreenway on Chicago Tonight and bring attention to the fact that Chicago needs…
  Thu 9/19 4:29a   Activetrans
RT @AldermanLaSpata: Have thoughts on connecting the end of the 312 RiverRun at Belmont Ave to the path at Lathrop Homes? @activetrans and…
  Wed 9/18 9:51p   Activetrans
RT @americawalks: A1: Let's change the way we think of transportation to not just be about cars. We HAVE zero-carbon transportation options…
  Wed 9/18 1:50p   Activetrans
RT @TransitCenter: We need to provide frequent, reliable transit at the citywide scale. Transit that works for every type of trip, not just…
  Wed 9/18 1:49p   Activetrans
RT @bcornew: @americawalks @T4America Active Transportation Alliance in Illinois won $50 million in the Capital Bill for each ITEP cycle fo…
  Wed 9/18 1:41p   Activetrans
@RepChuyGarcia @RepPressley
  Wed 9/18 1:30p   Activetrans  
RT @TransitCenter: A1. We need to make a transportation system where transit, walking, and biking are convenient and safe. If we don't ri…
  Wed 9/18 1:29p   Activetrans

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