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NEWS from Active Transportation AllianceOld»        POST 
  Fri 11/15 3:53p   Activetrans  
RT @HorneJerome: I've said it before and I'll say it again: "Technology won't save us from a policy problem!"
  Fri 11/15 3:53p   Activetrans  
RT @streetsblogchi: The TLDR on @Uber's vaporware counterproposal to Lori's fair ride-hail tax: - Fees are too low, won't reduce congestion…
  Thu 11/14 6:04p   Activetrans
Join us and CDOT, CDPH, IDOT, & partners to honor the lives affected by traffic crashes on World Day of Remembrance…
  Thu 11/14 12:29p   Activetrans  
RT @streetsblogchi: Virginia Murray, 25, 7/16 Lisa Kuivinen, 20, 8/16 Anastasia Kondrasheva, 23, 9/16 Angela Park, 39, 8/18 Carla Aiello, 3…
  Thu 11/14 11:39a   Activetrans
"Fewer ride-hail trips, especially solo ones, would be bad for the companies' bottom lines. So they're fighting it…
  Thu 11/14 10:48a   Activetrans  
"By slightly increasing fees on ride-sharing trips that start or end in the city’s center, or include only one pass…
  Wed 11/13 2:21p   Activetrans  
It’s true @Uber and @lyft provide an option — for people who can afford it — in transit deserts. But they also prov…
  Wed 11/13 9:47a   Activetrans  
  Wed 11/13 9:43a   Activetrans  
Lighten your carbon footprint and help Active Trans out at the same time. When you donate your car to Active Trans,…
  Wed 11/13 9:01a   Activetrans  
Our Annual Meeting and Mixer is just 3 weeks away and we want to celebrate with you! Join us Weds, Dec. 4th for an…
  Wed 11/13 8:19a   Activetrans  
RT @streetsblogchi: Here's a new blog post from @activetrans discussing why @Uber and @lyft's claim that the new ride-hail tax would be unf…
  Tue 11/12 7:29p   Activetrans
Big win for equitable transit-oriented development. Who's next? 🚍🚉👏
  Tue 11/12 3:31p   Activetrans  
Ignore the noise flying around about @chicagosmayor proposal. The facts: ⬆️higher fees on downtown trips ⬇️lower f…
  Tue 11/12 3:03p   Activetrans  

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