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.@SolorioHS Bike Club youth visited us to talk bike advocacy and safer streets on the Southwest side, specifically…
  Thu 7/18 1:46p   Activetrans  
RT @shrivercenter: Chicagoans: Have you struggled to afford public transit? Let @activetrans know 👇👇👇
  Thu 7/18 11:15a   Activetrans  
Let’s improve bus service in Chicago. Sign up as a Back on the Bus volunteer and use our Bus Friendly Report Cards…
  Thu 7/18 9a   Activetrans  
If you enjoy exploring Chicago by bike, you'll love The Boulevard Lakefront Tour. Join us Sun, Aug. 11 as we tour t…
  Thu 7/18 8:35a   Activetrans  
RT @TransitCenter: Transit agencies should be extremely skeptical of using scarce funds to subsidize Uber and Lyft for first-/last-mile tri…
  Wed 7/17 5:21p   Activetrans
Congratulations to @RecycleryThe and @RogersParkBA for winning @AARPLivable grant funding. Plans for a new people s…
  Wed 7/17 1:33p   Activetrans  
Good news! Universidad Popular in Little Village wins $3,500 in grant funding from @peopleforbikes to support We Bi…
  Wed 7/17 11:45a   Activetrans  
@awennink @itskylelucas @streetsblogchi @ChiRiverwalk @AldReilly @ChicagoDOT @bikelaneuprise @thechainlinkorg Agree…
  Wed 7/17 9:57a   Activetrans  
Would you know what to do if you were involved in a traffic crash while walking or biking? Check out Active Trans’…
  Wed 7/17 9a   Activetrans  
Creates a new community space by closing a local street to cars. Bravo to advocates and elected officials who made…
  Tue 7/16 11:19a   Activetrans  
This is the 2nd hit and run crash involving a person riding @DivvyBikes in less than a month. Chicago needs more sa…
  Tue 7/16 9:44a   Activetrans  
Marco De La Rosa is cultivating the next generation of advocates. The students he works with at the Linda & Bill Ga…
  Tue 7/16 9:03a   Activetrans  
Join us for The Boulevard Lakefront Tour Sun. Aug, 11 as we explore Chicago's historical points of interest on two…
  Mon 7/15 11:51a   Activetrans  
RT @BlockClubCHI: Seven scooter companies got slapped and fined by the city for not living up to their contracts. h…
  Mon 7/15 9:57a   Activetrans  

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