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NEWS from Active Transportation AllianceOld»        POST 
The 2020 Bike Challenge presented by Keating Law Offices is going strong! Here's a few reasons why you should parti…
  Fri 7/10 4:32p   Activetrans  
RT @ClarkRylen: Please RSVP to Active Trans' virtual talk with @AldMattMartin and @senpetersil on July 20th, from 6-7:30pm! Blog post: http…
  Fri 7/10 4:12p   Activetrans
With more offices reopening, new @ONTO2050 analysis finds that if 25% of pre-COVID transit trips are replaced by ca…
  Fri 7/10 3:07p   Activetrans  
Illinois scored in the second-lowest tier in @SafeRoutesNow's latest State Report Cards, although our score improve…
  Fri 7/10 2:43p   Activetrans  
Join us for our Transit Justice Talk: COVID-19 and Beyond, a conversation with @senpetersil and @AldMattMartin faci…
  Fri 7/10 1:14p   Activetrans  
BLT Routes are on sale now! We have 30-mile tours on the North, West and South Sides! To learn more and register, p…
  Fri 7/10 12:20p   Activetrans  
RT @JohnAmdor: As we evaluate Chicago's response to the protests in May and June we ought to look closely at how people were impacted by th…
  Thu 7/9 7:10p   Activetrans
RT @SmartGrowthCEO: “#BanCars is not a movement that is inclusive of the realities of the most marginalized. Our movement must always consi…
  Thu 7/9 4:39p   Activetrans
RT @berkie1: "As we imagine a new world post-covid, I hope we can keep our attention focused on building transit systems that are equitable…
  Thu 7/9 4:38p   Activetrans
Looking to set a personal bicycling goal this summer? Participate in the Bike Challenge! You don't have to be emplo…
  Thu 7/9 1:03p   Activetrans  
“I’m immunocompromised. I was taking Ubers to work for a little while. But I live in Avondale and to Uber to work i…
  Thu 7/9 8:21a   Activetrans  
RT @marywizchicago: Other countries have set a good example, insisting that post-Covid-19 infrastructure stimulus must simultaneously addre…
  Wed 7/8 8:54p   Activetrans
RT @ChicagoDOT: You've heard a lot about #SharedStreets lately, now help us evaluate them! Take our survey to let us know what you think of…
  Wed 7/8 5:46p   Activetrans
RT @charlesrherrig: @activetrans I think how my family in Mexico is able to get by just fine without the loans, interest, insurance, and ma…
  Wed 7/8 4:23p   Activetrans

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