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RT @UgoOkere40: The CTA and Metra should decriminalize fare evasion and make fares free for youth.
  Fri 1/24 8:58p   Activetrans
RT @SamSchwartzEng: Thank you to everyone who came to the Mobility Justice panel moderated by our Director of Transportation Planning @stac…
  Fri 1/24 3:57p   Activetrans
Registration is now open for Fifth Third Bike the Drive! Sign up now for lowest price! See you on Sunday, May 24th!…
  Fri 1/24 2:29p   Activetrans  
RT @streetsblogchi: .@WBEZ was well-represented at this morning's @activetrans Winter Bike Rally in Daley Plaza, presented by @ILBicycleLaw…
  Fri 1/24 1:49p   Activetrans
.@aja_beckham of @FreeSpiritChi talks with residents and aldermen about bike access and infrastructure issues on th…
  Fri 1/24 1:37p   Activetrans  
Can't get enough winter biking? Don't miss The Recyclery's Winter Open House in Rogers Park on Sunday 2/16 sponsore…
  Fri 1/24 12:02p   Activetrans  
Thanks to all the advocates who joined us at the Winter Bike Rally this AM! Together we'll make it safer to ride ye…
  Fri 1/24 11:51a   Activetrans  
RT @Metroplanners: “This is a question of priorities. We need to prioritize investments in walking more so that our region’s transit system…
  Fri 1/24 10:43a   Activetrans
RT @ILBicycleLaw: Thanks for coming out and representing #bikeCHI on a wet and cold day!
  Fri 1/24 10:43a   Activetrans  
RT @JohnAmdor: It is good that sidewalks are getting cleared. It is not good that it's only due to the personal intervention of the local…
  Fri 1/24 10:42a   Activetrans
@ILBicycleLaw @gardeneggplant
  Fri 1/24 9:58a   Activetrans  
  Fri 1/24 9:58a   Activetrans  
  Fri 1/24 9:57a   Activetrans  
  Fri 1/24 9:57a   Activetrans  

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