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RT @StarLineChicago: It’s great that Metra’s starting to talk the talk, but now we need to make sure they walk the walk with modern, equita…
  Fri 9/18 2:16p   Activetrans
"Time for @Metra to rethink its approach. Chasing an already dwindling market of privileged riders isn’t working fi…
  Fri 9/18 12:27p   Activetrans  
We're excited to be working with @EpsteinGlobal and several community leaders on this project!
  Fri 9/18 11:30a   Activetrans  
RT @Metroplanners: "In this austere financing environment, is it possible that we could wind up with a 2021 budget that actually improves…
  Fri 9/18 10:44a   Activetrans
It’s time to put kids first in street design. The Global Designing Cities Initiative offers 10 actions cities can t…
  Fri 9/18 9:04a   Activetrans  
RT @RepPressley: COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the finances of transit systems in #MA7 and across the country. Robust public transit that…
  Thu 9/17 3:07p   Activetrans
RT @Lyndab08: If any quote of mine was going to make it into the city etod report, makes sense it would be this one. 👇🏽 …
  Thu 9/17 2:25p   Activetrans  
"It's not enough to just improve transit access. We also have to make sure people can afford it...We need to hear f…
  Thu 9/17 12:33p   Activetrans  
RT @RepChuyGarcia: Public transit keeps our country moving and drives our economy. But without emergency funding, transit won’t be able to…
  Thu 9/17 12:25p   Activetrans
"We talk about the need to improve transit to address people's long commutes. But what about people having access t…
  Thu 9/17 12:02p   Activetrans  
"What we really need is a universal fare card, as is required by legislation. You should be able to transfer from…
  Thu 9/17 11:57a   Activetrans  
"The workers sanitizing our transit vehicles are mostly Black and Brown. The people relying on transit during…
  Thu 9/17 11:53a   Activetrans  
"Cook County is not connected. That's why this conversation about racial equity and transit is so important. Many p…
  Thu 9/17 11:50a   Activetrans  
Richton Park Mayor Rick Reinbold says he hears from residents frustrated about their lack of transit access, despit…
  Thu 9/17 11:44a   Activetrans  

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