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Exciting to see a Chicago River Trail advance. A land donation will connect California and Horner Parks (pictured).…
  Fri 7/21 2:02p   Activetrans  
Our friends @susangkomen have partnered up with the North Shore Century on 9/11 during Ride for a Cure!…
  Fri 7/21 10:43a   Activetrans  
The best thing about biking to work? Unplugging from the distractions of life, says one writer.…
  Fri 7/21 8:03a   Activetrans  
Sign up for Chicago Cinder Classic, Aug. 20 at Winnemac Park. Teams of 4, race 25 miles on a cinder track. Visit…
  Thu 7/20 4p   Activetrans  
Please be advised, North Ave Pedestrian Bridge temporary closure will be extended thru Fri, Aug 4. #chiLFT #bikeCHI
  Thu 7/20 11:33a   Activetrans  
Get the lowdown on the 20 most bike-friendly cities in the world. You’ll be impressed.
  Thu 7/20 8a   Activetrans  
You’ll soon see more bikes in Gary, Indiana, when it launches its bike-sharing program.
  Wed 7/19 4:02p   Activetrans  
Before hitting the @FPDCC trails, check out these helpful tips to #ShareTheTrail safely with others.…
  Wed 7/19 12p   Activetrans  
Frankfort bicyclists have a lot to look forward to: a bike repair station and possibly a bike-sharing program.…
  Tue 7/18 4:01p   Activetrans  
Gary, Indiana, was so impressed with Chicago’s bike-sharing program that it is launching its own program.…
  Tue 7/18 11:31a   Activetrans  
@63rdStL @MorrisseyMP We're always excited to see people organizing around public transit issues! Please contact ky…
  Tue 7/18 10:11a   Activetrans  
@jheath @activetransLFT Correction: #chiLFT detour in effect from Fullerton to North Avenues / Construction happeni…
  Tue 7/18 10:08a   Activetrans  
We support giving people more transportation options if they're complementary to public transit - not in competition
  Tue 7/18 9:38a   Activetrans  
No protected bike lanes but proposed plans for Milwaukee Ave corridor step in right direction…
  Tue 7/18 7:30a   Activetrans  

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