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NEWS from Active Transportation AllianceOld»        POST 
RT @bffworld: CHICAGO! BFF is here! We are happy to be back virtually. Hosted by @activetrans Watch the festival now until March 7: http…
  Sat 2/27 3:06p   Activetrans
RT @ethanspotts: Crashes for people who are walking or biking are scary, painful and hard to deal with...@activetrans is there for you. htt…
  Fri 2/26 5:30p   Activetrans
Early signs of success for Fair Transit South Cook! The pilot reduces Metra Electric + Rock Island fares by 50%. Ja…
  Fri 2/26 10:29a   Activetrans  
Traffic crashes can be scary as a pedestrian or cyclist. But we have you covered. Check out our crash support resou…
  Fri 2/26 9:07a   Activetrans  
RT @Lyndab08: Transportation planning that doesn’t consider racial inequities & housing displacement isn’t good planning. #gnight
  Thu 2/25 4:36p   Activetrans
RT @bkevenides: To support safe biking & walking in Illinois please support IL House Bill 270, which would make it more affordable for muni…
  Thu 2/25 2:07p   Activetrans
🚨Action Alert🚨House Bill 270 would eliminate the 20% local cost share for walking and biking infrastructure on stat…
  Thu 2/25 1:55p   Activetrans  
Another positive step to curb displacement along The 606. Next time we need to make sure we’re putting in protecti…
  Thu 2/25 10:20a   Activetrans  
Shoutout to @GreenSigns_OOH for the billboard love! Love seeing our name in lights! @bffworld
  Wed 2/24 7:40p   Activetrans  
Tonight kicks off virtual Chicago Bike Film Fest! What better way to gear up for spring riding than some amazing bi…
  Wed 2/24 7:35p   Activetrans  
RT @bigmoodenergy: some points from this report on Chicago shutting down transit during last summer's protests. First is that a specific…
  Wed 2/24 4:52p   Activetrans
What should current and future elected officials learn from recent @ChicagoOIG report about the city's response to…
  Wed 2/24 3:27p   Activetrans  
Our Advocacy Managers @gerasimenkoju and @aperez773 are helping lead a Friday morning session on transportation and…
  Wed 2/24 2:59p   Activetrans  
In order to access healthy, nutritious, sustainable food, you need access to reliable transportation. We're thrille…
  Wed 2/24 2:55p   Activetrans  

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