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RT @TransitCenter: The Chicago region's suburban bus provider, PACE, is deploying extra buses to routes where ridership remains high despit…
  Fri 4/3 7:16p   Activetrans
We're proud to support @GovPritzker's All In Illinois campaign. We urge everyone to stay home as much as possible t…
  Fri 4/3 1:48p   Activetrans  
RT @streetsblogchi: If your kids are bored during Stay at Home, don't blame @activetrans. They've posted a guide to fun online bike/ped edu…
  Fri 4/3 11:45a   Activetrans
Looking for ways to engage your child's mind during the 'stay-at-home' order? Check out these fun, interactive walk…
  Fri 4/3 10a   Activetrans  
RT @Metra: We’re proud of the employees who keep #Metra running through these challenging times. We’d like to share how they make that happ…
  Thu 4/2 10:49a   Activetrans
RT @streetsblogchi: Choose Chicago's Own North Lake Shore Drive Adventure. (Spoiler: The layout with bus-only lanes in each direction 24-7…
  Wed 4/1 4:21p   Activetrans
RT @chicagosmayor: Today is #CensusDay and one thing you can do while you #StayHomeSaveLives is fill out your census form. The census will…
  Wed 4/1 3:18p   Activetrans
RT @ACLU: Happy #CensusDay! If you haven’t completed your census yet, do so today, while practicing social distancing! More info here: htt…
  Wed 4/1 3:18p   Activetrans
RT @ErinAlemanCMAP: Filling out the census takes just 10 minutes and will impact the region for the next 10 years. Join me and #BeCounted.…
  Wed 4/1 3:18p   Activetrans
RT @aarpillinois: Join us this Wednesday at 7 p.m. for a live Tele-Town Hall with @GovPritzker and @IDPH director Dr. Ngozi Ezike. Hear abo…
  Wed 4/1 9:28a   Activetrans
RT @DivvyBikes: The health and safety of Divvy is our top priority. To learn more about our response to COVID-19 and the actions we’re taki…
  Wed 4/1 9:27a   Activetrans
RT @Pgh4PubTransit: Celebrate the frontline transit workers who are moving us past this crisis - and provide them the protections and compe…
  Tue 3/31 4:15p   Activetrans
“We are kind of like a lifeline at this point. We definitely deliver to differently abled customers…they may not ma…
  Tue 3/31 11:39a   Activetrans  
RT @PaceSuburbanBus: We owe so much to the hardworking people who still report to work & run our critical infrastructure. This includes fir…
  Tue 3/31 9:09a   Activetrans

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