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Want to sharpen your advocacy chops? Register for our January 23rd webinar to learn about the Illinois Department o…
  Fri 1/18 4:33p   Activetrans  
RT @activetransnow: Missed the Bus Riders Forum with Mayoral Candidates? Go to to see more photos & full video of t…
  Fri 1/18 2:51p   Activetrans  
Bike-share programs have grown in popularity, but most aren’t catering to a part of the population: people with dis…
  Fri 1/18 9:02a   Activetrans  
Separate paths for people biking and walking. Fewer segments where trail users are asked to cross car and truck tra…
  Thu 1/17 4:34p   Activetrans  
RT @streetsblogchi: Find out where the Chicago mayoral candidates stand on public transportation issues -- read Lynda Lopez's writeup of @a…
  Thu 1/17 4:33p   Activetrans
@patthemanager we produce Bike the Drive (Sunday, May 26 here in Chicago) and would love to see about getting Chanc…
  Thu 1/17 12:31p   Activetrans  
Mayoral candidates agree: Chicago needs more bus lanes and bus priority at traffic lights #backonthebus…
  Thu 1/17 12:28p   Activetrans  
Chicago is supposed to be a bike friendly city. So why aren’t more women riding on two wheels?…
  Thu 1/17 9:04a   Activetrans  
RT @awennink: If you missed the @activetrans @activetransnow mayoral candidates forum on transportation in Pilsen last night you can see th…
  Wed 1/16 4:04p   Activetrans
Don't miss the Winter Bike to Work Rally presented by Keating Law Offices on Fri, Jan 25 from 7am-9am in Daley Plaz…
  Wed 1/16 2:06p   Activetrans  
There’s no getting around it. We can’t stop global warming without reducing driving.
  Wed 1/16 9:06a   Activetrans  
One thing nearly all of Chicago’s mayoral candidates agree on? Chicago needs more dedicated bus lanes #backonthebus
  Wed 1/16 8:22a   Activetrans  
“On the issue of bus reliability and speed, many of the candidates suggested more designated bus lanes to help avoi…
  Tue 1/15 10:35p   Activetrans  
Take action NOW to support faster and more reliable buses 👇
  Tue 1/15 8:22p   Activetrans  

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