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NEWS from Active Transportation AllianceOld»        POST 
Active Trans donated a collection of kids bikes and a trailer to haul them in to Pedal 4 Life, a local organization…
  Wed 10/16 6:03p   Activetrans  
RT @theycallmeOboi: To Southsiders, especially proponents of cycling, sustainable transportation, racial equity, & mobility justice, and de…
  Wed 10/16 12:03p   Activetrans
RT @streetsblogchi: .@smallshopcycles is asking their customers to come out to tomorrow's community meeting to advocate for preserving the…
  Wed 10/16 9:54a   Activetrans
RT @Lyndab08: It seems this event is going to have a big draw. I would just say if you’re not from the nhood, be mindful of how dominant yo…
  Wed 10/16 9:53a   Activetrans
"Community leaders say there are no safe places to ride in their neighborhoods, and more investment in walking and…
  Wed 10/16 9:36a   Activetrans  
"We think the pilot program was a success and scooters should stay in Chicago long-term."
  Wed 10/16 9:33a   Activetrans  
RT @streetsblogchi: Yesterday @activetrans endorsed making Chicago's scooter pilot permanent: Today @equiticity &…
  Tue 10/15 6:32p   Activetrans  
RT @Splanish: Thankful to @chicagocouncil @DePaulU 4 invite to roundtable. How can e-scooters support @chicagosmayor #racialequity agenda &…
  Tue 10/15 1:51p   Activetrans
“When managed well, scooter sharing can be a fun, relatively affordable transportation option in communities that l…
  Tue 10/15 11:27a   Activetrans  
Pedestrian deaths are on the rise, but it doesn’t have to be. Angie Schmitt shares her insight on what cities and…
  Tue 10/15 9:07a   Activetrans  
RT @ChicagoBACP: The four-month #ChicagoScooter pilot ends TODAY! Give us your #ChicagoScooter feedback by taking the official survey at h…
  Tue 10/15 8:50a   Activetrans
Thrilled to join @wttw #ChicagoTonight with our friends from @NWSHC. E-scooters shouldn’t be the city’s #1 transpor…
  Mon 10/14 9:34p   Activetrans  
.@Suntimes editorial board endorses 2 recommendations from our e-scooter report: 🛴 Keep scooters out of downtown…
  Mon 10/14 9:27p   Activetrans  
RT @greenfieldjohn: A new @activetrans study recommends making Chicago's scooter program permanent and expanding it (almost) citywide, but…
  Mon 10/14 11:59a   Activetrans

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