Bike The Drive 2014 - Sun 5/25/14 5:30a
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NEWS from Bike The Drive 2014 - Sun 5/25/14 5:30a«New   Old»        POST 
It was a gorgeous day for a ride, but also a bit of a bummer that southbound access to LSD was closed from Grant Park 15 minutes earlier than advertised. Couldn't get safe, easy access to the trail without cutting through northbound traffic. Our family really loved the ride, but also very disappointed that we couldn't finish on the road. (We got funneled to the southbound tr...
  Sun 5/25/14 11:11p   Nora.Barr.1
RT @ChiCritMass: This dog got the best seat at #bikethedrive #bikeChi #chicago
  Sun 5/25/14 5:10p   Activetrans  

MB Financial Bike the Drive was an amazing success, and it's thanks to the over twenty thousand bikers who turned out for a beautiful morning bike ride down car-free Lakeshore Drive. How was Bike the Drive for you? Give us your fun stories!
  Sun 5/25/14 3:39p   BIKE THE DRIVE 2014
RT @jinnyjinjin: Rick on a beauty riding @activetrans #bikethedrive on a glorious morning! #pennyfarthing #bikeCHI
  Sun 5/25/14 3:14p   Activetrans  
RT @lhortonphoto: Helmet found on 18th st overpass. Is it yours? #bikethedrive
  Sun 5/25/14 2:56p   Activetrans  
@vlihunter @ChipotleTweets Oh no! Let's us see what we can do to help out, we're sorry. Can you pls email
  Sun 5/25/14 2:52p   Activetrans
Team Dimo's had a blast at Bike the Drive this morning! Thanks to Active Transportation Alliance for helping to make Chicago such a great city for cyclists. #pedalforpizza
  Sun 5/25/14 2:33p   Dimos Pizza
RT @linovino: Spontaneous Dance Party! I love #bikethedrive with @activetrans Cc: @ClifBar #bikethedrive
  Sun 5/25/14 12:18p   Activetrans  
@vpesch We need the Drive clear before cars return at 11 and want everyone to have a fulfilling ride, so all riders must start before 930.
  Sun 5/25/14 11:04a   Activetrans
@TimothyANelson @mbfinancialbank we're glad you had a great time!
  Sun 5/25/14 10:02a   Activetrans

GPS: ~211 South Columbus Drive (~358-398 East Jackson Drive)
  Sun 5/25/14 10a   Andrew Bedno   ~0mi

GPS: ~211 South Columbus Drive (~358-398 East Jackson Drive)
  Sun 5/25/14 10a   Andrew Bedno   ~0mi
AUTO: ~358-398 East Jackson Drive
  Sun 5/25/14 9:45a   Andrew Bedno
AUTO: ~358-398 East Jackson Drive
  Sun 5/25/14 9:45a   Andrew Bedno

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