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Give your Valentine the gift of MB Bike the Drive! Registration is open for 2018 so head on over to…
  Tue 2/13/18 6p   Activetrans  
Here’s what Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz is learning from riding the #bus to work:
  Tue 2/13/18 4:48p   Activetrans  
RT @1871Chicago: Come celebrate active transportation in Chicagoland with @activetrans at their 2018 Awards Reception on March 7! Details a…
  Tue 2/13/18 2:37p   Activetrans   ~.3mi
Come out to the @CTA open house TONIGHT at 6pm to voice your input on the proposed route of the Red Line Extension.…
  Tue 2/13/18 10:03a   Activetrans  
Today @chicagotribune published another disturbing report on racial disparities in bike related ticketing in Chicag…
  Mon 2/12/18 4:05p   Activetrans  
A #trail in the works for more than a decade in Michigan City, Indiana, could get underway this summer — connecting…
  Mon 2/12/18 9a   Activetrans  
Want to learn about complete streets and hear about the effort to create them in the South Suburbs? This resource h…
  Sat 2/10/18 1:04p   Activetrans   ~.4mi 
Snow got you stuck inside? We've got a suggestion! Register now for #mbbikethedrive and save $7! Price jump occurs…
  Fri 2/9/18 11:35a   Activetrans   ~9.4mi 
RT @formyblockchi: If you wanna help shovel walkways for seniors meet me Friday morning, 10:30 am at the red line station on 79th and State…
  Fri 2/9/18 9:52a   Activetrans   ~9.6mi
Even for a college student, Liam Donnelly pulls a lot of all-nighters. He bikes during the overnight hours picking…
  Fri 2/9/18 8:03a   Activetrans  
Policymakers need rider data from private services like Uber to make transit decisions. But ride-hailing companies…
  Thu 2/8/18 9:03a   Activetrans  
.@DivvyBike's No. 1 rider of 2017 pedaled more than 6,000 miles while making food deliveries. That’s like cycling f…
  Wed 2/7/18 10a   Activetrans  
This morning on @fox32news we discussed the growth of @Uber + @Lyft, and how it may be affecting congestion and the…
  Tue 2/6/18 3:42p   Activetrans  
@alanpaberzs Thanks for flagging. Here is the link:
  Tue 2/6/18 3:17p   Activetrans  

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