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NEWS from Active Transportation Alliance«New   Old»        POST 
Thank you to neighborhood residents along the South Branch who joined us for a visioning session at Park 571 in Bri…
  Thu 3/15/18 3:04p   Activetrans   ~3.7mi 
2017 TIGER grant recipients have been announced. We are disappointed only 3.8% of the funds will support transit pr…
  Thu 3/15/18 11:53a   Activetrans  
RT @Metroplanners: Today is the #DayOfActionForRivers! Join us and our partners tonight at Park #571 to build a vision for the parks locate…
  Wed 3/14/18 10:01a   Activetrans   ~.6mi
A sincere thanks to the 200 or so people who came to enjoy food and drinks at our 2018 Awards Reception. Thanks for…
  Tue 3/13/18 4:59p   Activetrans  
RT @TransitCenter: .@activetrans is developing report cards to evaluate the speed & reliability of bus service in each ward of Chicago http…
  Tue 3/13/18 10:44a   Activetrans
Active Trans is looking to partner with 4 community organizations who are interested in leading up the fight for be…
  Tue 3/13/18 8:04a   Activetrans  
RT @Metroplanners: Plagued by pesky potholes? Quick! Grab your phone and join our #BustedCommute campaign. We'll use your photos, videos an…
  Mon 3/12/18 4:25p   Activetrans   ~.6mi
RT @OutreachEXprts: We ended the week on a high note leading a workshop on Community Engagement for our friends with @activetrans and the…
  Mon 3/12/18 2:17p   Activetrans
RT @ChicagoDOT: thanks to @ChicagoOEMC for leading the #Care4CrossingGuards effort @Visionzeronet @activetrans
  Mon 3/12/18 1:40p   Activetrans  
Western Springs wants to enhance the safety of the Wolf Road Bike Path by expanding the #bicycle and #pedestrian tr…
  Mon 3/12/18 9a   Activetrans   ~5mi 
See what some cities – including Chicago – are doing to make bike sharing more accessible to low-income riders.…
  Fri 3/9/18 9:04a   Activetrans  
@sma29chicago @bikelaneuprise Thanks for raising the concern and please email if you would be…
  Thu 3/8/18 3:47p   Activetrans  
@jimsey @streetsblogchi @ChicagoDOT This was brought up at Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Council meeting yesterday. Dep.…
  Thu 3/8/18 3:27p   Activetrans  
What does a truly accessible city look like? These cities around the world are leading the way with innovative apps…
  Thu 3/8/18 9:01a   Activetrans  

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