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NEWS from Active Transportation Alliance«New   Old»        POST 
New York City motorists, beware! #Cyclist and computer scientist Alex Bell has developed a computer program that tr…
  Tue 4/10/18 4:01p   Activetrans   ~3.1mi 
Thank you State Rep. Sonya Harper for sponsoring the Bike Walk Education in Schools Act, which passed out of commit…
  Tue 4/10/18 2:26p   Activetrans  
Thank you State Rep. Theresa Mah for sponsoring the Bike Safety and the Dutch Reach Act, which passed out of commit…
  Tue 4/10/18 2:22p   Activetrans  
Good news out of Springfield! Two bills we've been working on concerning the safety of people biking and walking pa…
  Tue 4/10/18 2:17p   Activetrans   ~.7mi 
Have some free time after work? Volunteer Wednesday evenings in May to earn a free MB Bike the Drive registration!…
  Tue 4/10/18 12p   Activetrans  
We went to the National Bike Summit in Wash. DC to ask our Reps to invest in walking, biking & transit. BIG thank y…
  Mon 4/9/18 1:01p   Activetrans   ~.3mi 
#Walking is a basic human right that creates a healthier population, cleaner environment and vibrant communities. H…
  Mon 4/9/18 9:01a   Activetrans   ~7.6mi 
Learn more about our walk audits on the South Branch of the Chicago River tomorrow
  Fri 4/6/18 9:22a   Activetrans  
RT @streetsblogchi: Whether Lake Shore Drive has 6 lanes for drivers or 10, they're going to get jammed with cars during rush hours. So let…
  Thu 4/5/18 10:44a   Activetrans
"Incentives to shift trips to more efficient travel modes are essential to enhancing the performance of limited str…
  Wed 4/4/18 11:34a   Activetrans  
Coalition calls for dedicated lane for transit on North Lake Shore Drive @ELPCenter…
  Wed 4/4/18 9:41a   Activetrans  
Help improve walking and biking along the South Branch! Join us for a walk audit from 9-11 a.m. on April 7 at the E…
  Tue 4/3/18 3p   Activetrans   ~30.7mi 
RT @CrainsChicago: "We think doing this would get more people to switch to transit. . . .Lake Shore Drive is going to be congested whatever…
  Mon 4/2/18 4:49p   Activetrans
Excited to be joined by several other civic groups in calling for dedicated space for transit on North Lake Shore D…
  Mon 4/2/18 3:15p   Activetrans  

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