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NEWS from Active Transportation Alliance«New   Old»        POST 
Please take & share our survey to improve walking and biking on Logan Boulevard. Help create safe and easy access f…
  Thu 5/31/18 2:01p   Activetrans   ~13.8mi 
Take a lesson from these cities making headway in moving people, not cars. With only so much city street to go arou…
  Thu 5/31/18 9:03a   Activetrans  
Mark your calendars. This summer Active Trans is hosting its new Pedal Chicagoland small group ride series. Our gui…
  Wed 5/30/18 1:03p   Activetrans  
Most people don’t #bikechi or #walk to work because they think it would take too long. A new study says they’re pro…
  Wed 5/30/18 9:02a   Activetrans  
RT @AldermanHopkins: maybe someday we will see a world where cars have just one special day each year to take Lake…
  Tue 5/29/18 1:09p   Activetrans  
One of the masterminds behind Sevilla, Spain’s renowned protected #bikelane network shares six secrets to how the c…
  Tue 5/29/18 9a   Activetrans  
Revolution Brewing is excited to be a sponsor of MB Bike the Drive for the 2nd year running. Cool down after your r…
  Sun 5/27/18 8:32a   Activetrans  
The Subaru booth will be collecting used bike tubes throughout the event. Everyone who donates will receive an eco-…
  Sun 5/27/18 6:33a   Activetrans  
World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people through the Power of Bicycles and is a proud supporter of MB Bike the Drive!…
  Sat 5/26/18 3:03p   Activetrans  
Make your water count with nuun electrolyte enhanced drink tabs! Nuun is high in electrolytes and low in sugar wit…
  Sat 5/26/18 11:01a   Activetrans  
Kozy's Cyclery has been Chicago's Bike Shop for 75 years. More brands of bicycles means more choices at Kozy's Bike…
  Fri 5/25/18 4:50p   Activetrans   ~.7mi 
d dnarter Sorry for the trouble. Please contact our development director Julie Strand at j…
  Fri 5/25/18 2:04p   Activetrans  
@dnarter Sorry for the confusion. We'll reach out to via messenger to sort this out.
  Fri 5/25/18 1:56p   Activetrans
With a reliable Buffalo Bicycle, students can access education, healthcare workers can visit more patients, and ent…
  Fri 5/25/18 11:03a   Activetrans  

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