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As legislators in Springfield mull a capital bill, Mayor Rockingham of North Chicago has joined a call for lawmaker…
  Mon 5/13/19 4:05p   Activetrans  
Biking, walking and access to the local bus route is about to get easier at Lathrop Homes with the expected completion of a riverfront path this summer. Lathrop Homes, a housing development north and south of Diversey Avenue along the Chicago River’s North Branch, includes a new half-mile long trail that runs alongside the housing development on the east side of the Chicag...
  Mon 5/13/19 3:29p   Activetrans
Today we celebrated the opening of the Riverwalk East from Michigan Avenue to Columbus Drive with @ChicagosMayor Co…
  Mon 5/13/19 2:45p   Activetrans  
RT @streetsblogchi: Lynda and John will join an all-star lineup of transportation reporters, including the Tribune's @marywizchicago and Ch…
  Mon 5/13/19 2:03p   Activetrans
RT @rideillinois: The annual Ride of Silence is this Wednesday evening. The rides are to "To HONOR those who have been injured or killed; T…
  Mon 5/13/19 9:56a   Activetrans
Many cities have learned that cracking down on pedestrian violations doesn’t reduce crashes. The better alternative…
  Mon 5/13/19 9:01a   Activetrans  
If you haven't yet, take action NOW with one click to support the state capital bill ask for $50mil in safe streets…
  Fri 5/10/19 3:09p   Activetrans  
RT @ZipcarChicago: Join us and @activetrans at the Fifth Third Bike the Drive! Sunday, May 26th from 5:30am - 12pm. Whether you are new to…
  Fri 5/10/19 2:18p   Activetrans
RT @streetsblogchi: Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel just told us that the day after he leaves office on May 20, he will depart on a 1,000-mile b…
  Fri 5/10/19 2p   Activetrans
As a new mayor and city council prepare to take office, we need to ensure that Chicago builds upon its success by creating more bikeways for all ages and abilities and ensure that they are accessible to all Chicagoans. The transition to a new administration provides a natural opportunity to reflect on recent progress and future opportunities to improve our network of bikeway...
  Fri 5/10/19 12:31p   Activetrans
RT @VZchicago: Join @VZchicago & @RideOfSilenceCh on May 15 for this year's #RideofSilence We will honor fallen cyclists and discuss the on…
  Fri 5/10/19 11:09a   Activetrans
Help us reach 1 million pledges for the @GreatAmericanRailTrail, showing the strength of the trails community in su…
  Fri 5/10/19 11:04a   Activetrans  
Niles is re-evaluating its pedestrian and bicycle plan in the aftermath of several pedestrian crashes — three of th…
  Fri 5/10/19 9:05a   Activetrans  
RT @bcornew: Public Transit is a Statewide Priority
  Fri 5/10/19 7:58a   Activetrans  

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