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RT @stevevance: This fast-moving bus could be on Ashland Avenue. And Western And Michigan And Columbus And 55th And 79th And 95th And Irv…
  Wed 6/5/19 1:58p   Activetrans
Several new city council members commit to progress on our walk/bike/transit priorities in this @greenfieldjohn sto…
  Wed 6/5/19 1:11p   Activetrans  
RT @BikeLeague: In DC, we're advocating for more funding to make biking better and safer. At the state and local levels, member organizatio…
  Wed 6/5/19 1:04p   Activetrans
Every year we love seeing and hearing stories like this from @FifthThird Bike the Drive riders. Never underestimate…
  Wed 6/5/19 11:42a   Activetrans  
Did you know your Amazon purchases can help out Active Trans? Log on to and select Active T…
  Wed 6/5/19 9:01a   Activetrans  
@streetsblogchi @WillGuzzardi
  Tue 6/4/19 3:10p   Activetrans  
RT @streetsblogchi: Ya gotta give @activetrans some credit. They said, "Hey, why don't we establish a $50M a year state fund for walking an…
  Tue 6/4/19 3:08p   Activetrans
RT @streetsblogchi: Great news: Lori Lightfoot has tapped @luchachicago director Juan Carlos Linares, a leading voice in Chicago's affordab…
  Tue 6/4/19 12:08p   Activetrans
  Tue 6/4/19 10:45a   Activetrans  
RT @ktWhitehead: 6,760 people were killed biking or walking in 2017. That number is growing. But less than 1% of safety funding is spent ma…
  Tue 6/4/19 9:46a   Activetrans
RT @leecrandell: Thank you, @ILSenDems @RepAnnWilliams @activetrans!
  Tue 6/4/19 9:43a   Activetrans  
NW suburbanites, how do you define your comfort and confidence level when it comes to biking? Take the quiz to find…
  Tue 6/4/19 9:03a   Activetrans  
A huge win for the entire region. Great work by the @activetrans team.
  Mon 6/3/19 3:20p   Jonahmbg  
RT @activetrans: For the first time ever, Illinois’ long-term capital program includes dedicated funding for walking and biking projects -…
  Mon 6/3/19 3:14p   Gerasimenkoju

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