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RT @RLopez15thWard: @activetrans @bikelaneuprise @ChiAmbassadors
  Fri 5/17 1:40a   Iamphatal  
@activetrans @bikelaneuprise @ChiAmbassadors
  Fri 5/17 1:37a   Rlopez15Thward  
@RLopez15thWard @activetrans @ChiAmbassadors Shared 🙌🚲
  Fri 5/17 1:29a   Bikelaneuprise
@streetsblogchi @activetrans @ChiCritMass @rideillinois @RideOfSilenceCh @bikelaneuprise This looks bad for walking…
  Fri 5/17 1:22a   Stevevance  
@ProvocCities @activetrans @AldReilly Not that I disagree with your larger overall point that there's way too little car-free space citywide
  Fri 5/17 1:07a   Mateodechicago
@ProvocCities @activetrans @AldReilly I don't think that's true, I'm pretty sure you can follow the Riverwalk at wa…
  Fri 5/17 1:06a   Mateodechicago  
@ProvocCities @AldReilly As mentioned in the story, we’re leading a process to develop a safe, convenient, and comf…
  Thu 5/16 9:03p   Activetrans  
There are times when people should walk their bikes on the Riverwalk, but most of the day there is plenty of room f…
  Thu 5/16 10:03a   Activetrans  
RT @SamSchwartzEng: Looking towards #bike growth in #Chicago — Mayor-elect @LightfootForChi and 24 members of city council support @activet…
  Thu 5/16 9:53a   Activetrans
Lynda Lopez @lyndab08, Fair Fares organizer @activetrans and @streetsblogchi writer, spoke with Enrique Rodriguez…
  Wed 5/15 5:07p   Activetrans  
RT @streetsblogchi: Residents have been advocating for years for building a 100% affordable development on a lot next to the Logan 'L' stop…
  Wed 5/15 4:37p   Activetrans
RT @JohnAmdor: Much of the discussion around this transportation infrastructure funding bill focuses on the EV fee increase. Even more conc…
  Wed 5/15 4:37p   Activetrans
Hard to believe we are less than two weeks away from Fifth Third Bike the Drive! Register now at…
  Wed 5/15 10:04a   Activetrans  
@thelowlypeon @LightfootForChi yes, by protected bike lanes we mean physically separated lanes that will protect pe…
  Wed 5/15 9:50a   Activetrans  

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