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Registration to volunteer for MB Bike the Drive is now open! Come out and show your support for Active Trans by vol…
  Tue 3/19 1:04p   Activetrans  
We look forward to seeing everyone tonight for the Leadership Network Bus Report Card Meet Up! #backonthebus
  Tue 3/19 11:36a   Activetrans  
Chicago needs “to encourage mode shift to higher-capacity and higher-efficiency options, such as bike/walk/transit…
  Tue 3/19 9:27a   Activetrans  
The list of concerns about self-driving cars just got longer. A new study finds that a person with dark skin is mor…
  Tue 3/19 9:01a   Activetrans  
We're so glad Karl is OK. This gives more urgency to fight in Springfield for safe streets for all: "The vast major…
  Mon 3/18 1:56p   Activetrans  
"Divvy is two-wheeled public transit. The public is best served when cities retain control over their transit syste…
  Mon 3/18 12:43p   Activetrans  
RT @awennink: Helpful perspective on the @lyft proposal for @DivvyBikes expansion to all of Chicago @Metroplanners. Agreed!…
  Mon 3/18 12:17p   Activetrans
The two candidates in the runoff election for alderman in the transit-rich 43rd Ward live car-lite lifestyles and h…
  Mon 3/18 10:01a   Activetrans  
Pedestrian deaths were up 35 percent last year, reaching a new high. A new report blames the rise of SUVs, populati…
  Mon 3/18 9:04a   Activetrans  
Don't forget to thank your transit operator on your commute this morning! Today is Transit Drivers Appreciation Day…
  Mon 3/18 7:30a   Activetrans  
In a closely watched runoff race for 40th Ward alderman, both candidates support biking, walking and transit improv…
  Sun 3/17 2:03p   Activetrans  
Become a Crash Support Program volunteer! Get trained on Wed., March 27, 6-8 p.m. (dinner included!) at Active Tran…
  Sat 3/16 4:03p   Activetrans  
The two candidates in the 25th Ward runoff election — Alex Acevedo and Byron Sigcho-Lopez — pledge to support all t…
  Sat 3/16 3p   Activetrans  
@wbikechi @streetsblogchi @bikelaneuprise @DivvyBikes @lyft @84EWashington @thechainlinkorg @ClintonBikeLn…
  Fri 3/15 10:36p   Activetrans  

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