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It's back and better than ever! The Boulevard Lakefront Tour returns Sunday, August 12th. Explore the city, choose…
  Tue 7/17 1p   Activetrans  
We're proud to partner with @TransitCenter on our #BackontheBus campaign and inspired by the work of peer advocates…
  Tue 7/17 11:48a   Activetrans  
Dedicated transit lanes still on the table for North Lake Shore Drive reconstruction Sign o…
  Tue 7/17 11:18a   Activetrans  
Bicyclists command the roads in Houten. This suburb in the Netherlands is world-renowned as a cycling haven — inten…
  Tue 7/17 9:02a   Activetrans  
@streetsblogchi @Metroplanners our understanding is converting a travel lane in each direction to a bus-only "manag…
  Mon 7/16 4:08p   Activetrans  
RT @marywizchicago: We'd spend less on gas in the U.S. if we didn't drive so much.
  Mon 7/16 4:04p   Activetrans  
We’re in the news! Check out a sampling of the local media coverage we recently garnered for our advocacy work and…
  Mon 7/16 3:01p   Activetrans  
Chicago’s dockless bike share program needs more bikes Check out our recent letter to…
  Mon 7/16 1p   Activetrans  
Don't forget - our rescheduled Rally date is this Wed, 7/18 from 5pm-7pm in Daley Plaza. Chicago Bike Week Rally is…
  Mon 7/16 10:44a   Activetrans  
@MichelleStenzel It's exciting news! To clarify, dedicated transitway left is an alternative to be carried forward…
  Mon 7/16 9:43a   Activetrans  
Our survey to improve walking & biking on Logan Blvd will close Aug. 1. Please take it and share if you haven't al…
  Sun 7/15 11:03a   Activetrans  
Check out Chicago’s hidden gems on two wheels this summer. Sign up for Active Trans’ Pedal Chicagoland. Our small g…
  Sat 7/14 2p   Activetrans  
Want to learn how the Lakefront Trail became one of the best trails in the nation? Join local cycling advocate/guru…
  Fri 7/13 3:03p   Activetrans  
RT @streetsblogchi: ICYMI: The Milwaukee Avenue protected bike lanes will be upgraded with concrete curbs between Ohio and Chicago. Northbo…
  Fri 7/13 9:52a   Activetrans

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