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@ASchneider2008 @LSNAChicago Thanks, Andrew. We are very excited by the proposed improvements at the square and res…
  Thu 12/6 12:30p   Activetrans  
"This is about resources. City agencies need money for staff + equipment to identify where snow is piling up and re…
  Thu 12/6 12:27p   Activetrans  
RT @PilsenAlliance: Congrats to one of our amazing organizers, Lynda Lopez, for being recognized as "City Advocate of the Year" by the Acti…
  Thu 12/6 10:50a   Activetrans
As Chicago and some suburbs consider allowing electric scooter sharing, we're talking with community partners, citi…
  Thu 12/6 10:22a   Activetrans  
.@ChicagoDOT plans to rebuild Milwaukee Ave through Logan Square with some exciting improvements around the monumen…
  Thu 12/6 10:12a   Activetrans  
Honored, inspired and humbled to be part of the conversation for better bus service in Chicago and cities nationwid…
  Wed 12/5 9:03p   Activetrans  
@wbikechi Thanks for sharing and leading the fight!
  Wed 12/5 9:01p   Activetrans
Thank YOU for leading the conversation about biking in Chicago into an exciting, inclusive new direction. #bikechi
  Wed 12/5 9p   Activetrans  
@bkevenides Thanks for coming out and everything you do to lead the fight!
  Wed 12/5 8:57p   Activetrans
At last night's public meeting on rebuilding Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square, lots of exciting improvements were s…
  Wed 12/5 4:25p   Activetrans  
Thanks to our friends at @CARARuns for helping @ChicagoParks put in distance markers on the newly separated Lakefro…
  Wed 12/5 1:36p   Activetrans  
"Small improvements to bus service can make a dramatic difference in people's rides, people's lives." Time for Chic…
  Wed 12/5 9:27a   Activetrans  
CMAP wants to hear about how you and your family get from place to place in Chicago. Help ensure that people who wa…
  Wed 12/5 9a   Activetrans  
[TONIGHT] CDOT public mtg on project to rebuild Milwaukee Ave from Belmont to Logan! Show up and voice support for…
  Tue 12/4 10:04a   Activetrans  

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