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RT @bikelaneuprise: RSVP, & adopt a bike lane (or 2, or 3...). Over 60% have been adopted so far, but we're aiming for 100%. Our friends at…
  Thu 5/9/19 1:28p   Activetrans
RT @MarySueMPC: Grateful to @SenatorSandoval @AndyManar ++ for advancing legislation on sustainable infrastructure resources. @Metroplanner…
  Thu 5/9/19 1:28p   Activetrans
Chicagoland's annual transportation conference is taking place on Friday, June 14. Register for @TransportChgo for…
  Thu 5/9/19 1:05p   Activetrans  
Get outdoors this summer! Active Trans is proud to be fighting to connect and improve these and other regional trai…
  Thu 5/9/19 9:27a   Activetrans  
RT @JohnAmdor: Barb Cornew of @activetrans, champion of #bikechi and #walkchi is testifying now before the House Revenue committee about th…
  Thu 5/9/19 9:25a   Activetrans
@King4thWard Thank you for making streets safer for everyone in the South Loop!
  Thu 5/9/19 9:25a   Activetrans
RT @King4thWard: Last night we hosted a community meeting to discuss the installation of bike lanes in the South Loop. Thank you to the res…
  Thu 5/9/19 9:24a   Activetrans
Lake County wants to hear from you. It needs your opinions on how to make the signage on bike paths user-friendly s…
  Thu 5/9/19 9:04a   Activetrans  
Mayor Leon Rockingham wants to see his city of North Chicago become a better place for walking and biking. He knows the residents of this Lake County community want safer streets and they want a healthier, cleaner place to live. And like any community that wants to see these changes, he relies on the state to help. The problem is that state lawmakers often seem to only care ...
  Wed 5/8/19 2:39p   Activetrans
RT @ChicagosMayor: We're expanding free Wi-Fi service to all downtown Red and Blue Line @cta stations! The nation's first subway system ful…
  Wed 5/8/19 2:32p   Activetrans
Great news. Community-based organizations like @CBCACchicago and @BridgeportAlly have been fighting to keep and imp…
  Wed 5/8/19 12:35p   Activetrans  
Dispatches from #ChicagoBiketoSchoolDay: Happy faces and great turnout thanks to the organizing of a parent at Ogde…
  Wed 5/8/19 11:10a   Activetrans  
@bikelaneuprise Thanks for your advocacy on this project and all the work you're doing in the fight for safe streets!
  Wed 5/8/19 10:47a   Activetrans
“I think it makes the community safer. I felt today we all moved forward.” - @aldsophiaking on South Loop bikeways…
  Wed 5/8/19 10:46a   Activetrans  

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