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The Pace Pulse Dempster Line will bring express bus service between Evanston and O’Hare Airport by 2020. Pace invit…
  Mon 1/22 1:03p   Activetrans  
.@greenfieldjohn of @streetsblogchi reckons 2017 was a pretty good year for Chicago transportation, but it still ha…
  Mon 1/22 9:01a   Activetrans  
Join us NEXT WEEK at the 2nd public meeting for the @ChicagoDOT reconstruction project of Milwaukee Ave. in Logan S…
  Mon 1/22 7:02a   Activetrans  
"This is not the future that Uber and Lyft sold us," says Ron Burke, executive director of the Active Transportatio…
  Sun 1/21 12:03p   Activetrans  
Come work for Active Trans! We currently have four open positions: graphic designer, Salesforce and IT manager, eve…
  Sat 1/20 11a   Activetrans  
RT @ALBDorg: Passionate about #walkable communities? Consider applying to be part of @americawalks 2018 #WalkingCollege …
  Fri 1/19 3:06p   Activetrans  
@JudithELPC @DivvyBikes Riders must bring their own. The brand in the photo is Bar Mitts and they fit easily over Divvy handlebars.
  Fri 1/19 11:37a   Activetrans
@dciskey @ChicagoDOT Thanks for flagging! We will be meeting with CDOT next week and plan to flag the Loomis Bridge…
  Fri 1/19 10:03a   Activetrans  
Bike pogies on @DivvyBikes are great for the super frigid days.
  Fri 1/19 10:01a   Activetrans  
Check out the genius but simple campaign a few civic-minded British bike commuters came up with to fight the “bikel…
  Fri 1/19 9:04a   Activetrans  
Let’s bridge the gender gap in #bikechi. Here are some ideas for programs and infrastructure changes that will get…
  Thu 1/18 9a   Activetrans  
Join us at the second public meeting for the major @ChicagoDOT reconstruction project of Milwaukee Ave. in Logan Sq…
  Wed 1/17 2:41p   Activetrans  
Employers that offer commuter benefits for motorists, #publictransit users and #cyclists sounds like a good idea. B…
  Wed 1/17 8:45a   Activetrans  
@dailyherald found drivers in the suburbs are dangerously oblivious to #pedestrians in crosswalks.…
  Tue 1/16 9:04a   Activetrans  

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