Bike The Drive 2012 - Sun 5/29/11 5:30a
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NOTES for Bike The Drive 2012 - Sun 5/29/11 5:30a
Start location: Columbus Drive and Jackson Drive downtown Chicago

Riders must enter Lake Shore Drive at the start location.

The complete route is 30 miles: Round-trip distance from the starting point to the northern turnaround at Bryn Mar Avenue is 15 miles; round-trip distance from the starting point to the southern turnaround at 57th Street is 15 miles. (Riders are not required to bike the complete route.)

Rider numbers and helmets are required to show you are a paid participant and for safety reasons.

Rider numbers and wristbands
• Allow you access to rest stops
• Must be shown at checkpoints along the route
• Allow you to easily find professional photos of yourself on the ride

An official ride guide for MB Financial Bank Bike the Drive will be given to you in your packet of materials. You can also view the ride guide online.


5:30 a.m.: Lake Shore Drive opens for ride participants (upon Chicago police approval).
9:00 a.m.: Deadline for starting. After 9:00 a.m., ride participants may no longer enter Lake Shore Drive.
9:15-9:45 a.m.: Participants must leave Lake Shore Drive and move to the Lakefront Trail, which they can take back to the post-ride festival at Columbus Drive and Jackson Drive (volunteers will help guide you to the trail).
9:45 a.m.: All bicyclists must be off Lake Shore Drive. Our event permit with the Chicago police and the City of Chicago stipulates that all bicyclists must leave Lake Shore Drive at 9:45 a.m.

Rest Stops

Three rest stops provide places to take a break on the route.
• The north end of the route at Bryn Mawr Avenue.
• The south end of the route at 57th Street, on the lawn of the Museum of Science and Industry.
• The middle of the route at the southwest corner of Columbus Drive and Jackson Drive.

Enjoy a break! Fruit, water and light snacks are available at rest stops. If you have any special dietary needs or need more than a light snack, feel free to bring your own food to the event.

Please display your rider number, helmet number and wristband visibly to access the refreshments and services at the rest stops. Bike shops are also on site to fill your tires and provide basic bike repair.


You must display your rider number, helmet number and wristband visibly while bicycling on Lake Shore Drive.

Active Trans asks riders to show their helmet numbers and wristbands at checkpoints along the route. This is to prevent riders from entering the event without paying.

The event is the Active Transportation Alliance’s main fundraising event for the year. Proceeds generated by the event allow Active Trans to carry out its work of making biking, walking and transit easier and safer throughout the Chicago region. Thank you for your support!

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