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Other Events
National Bike Challenge! Join Bike Club, The Chainlink
Wed May 1st - Mon Sep 30th
we'll rack up miles and rides all over town. Join us! You can do it and you'll feel great about yourself. Join by clicking on the link and signing up for team The Chainlink!…
Overhaul Class at the Recyclery
Sun Sep 8th - Sun Oct 13th
The Recyclery Collective, 7628 N. Paulina
Our six-session Overhaul C
lass will be
 taught by a seasoned Recyclery mechanic. C
lasses are Sunday afternoons 12-3 PM.
You’ll learn how to disassemble, reassemble, and adjust each major mechanical system of your bicycle, week-by-week. We recommend taking the
Tune Up C

before this one, if you have never fixed a flat.
Bring your…
Worthwhile Mile Ride+Camp • Sonoran Desert • Sept 19-22
Thu Sep 19th - Sun Sep 22nd
Sonoran Desert/McDowell Mountain State Park, Arizona, Sonoran Desert (Outside Scottsdale/Phoenix)


The Worthwhile Mile
 is a fundraising adventure in support of the 

Walter Spohn Trust.
 The WST is a…… 773-301-9548
Evanston Closer 200k Brevet
Sat Sep 21st 7am-8:30pm
Temperance Beer Company, 2000 Dempster St., Evanston, IL
Last official ACP ride of the year but we may add some of our new club rides or a RUSA event if the weather remains nice into October.
This is a loop route from Evanston to Bull Valley on rolling roads. We are taking advantage of many paved bike trails for safety and because they are nice! Parking is at Temperance Beer Company, 2000 Dempster st.
Note new start/finish location
This is an urban ride. Though you will likely be able to finish the route before…
North Lake Shore Drive Community Meeting (Bikes/Peds needed!)
Thu Sep 26th 6-8pm
Harry S. Truman College Larry McKeon Student Services Building (Lobby), 1145 W. Wilson Avenue
*** Bikers/Peds needed!!!***
North Lake Shore Drive Project final meeting re. Montrose-Wilson-Lawrence at Truman College on Sept. 26, 2019, at 6 PM.
The most recent NLSD Project meeting in August showed very worrisome things on the sustainability front. Pedestrian, bike, bus, and park advocates (history & nature) are badly needed to give input to the project team at this last meeting.
At the August meeting at Temple…
Chicago Critical Mass
Fri Sep 27th 6-11pm
Daley Plaza, 50 W Washington
Last Fridays, leaves after 6pm.
THE monthly gathering of bicyclists making their presence known downtown since 1997. Slowly winds a dozen miles or more. Radically inclusive, thousands attend in good weather.
Daley Plaza, 50 W Washington. Under the Picasso (giant rusty bird), at Dearborn, SW of State&Lake train stop, Randolph exit from LFT.
Often ridecasting on for……

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MOTHERLOAD - Chicago Premiere
Fri Sep 27th 7:30-10pm
Constellation, 3111 N Western Ave
Join fellow family biking enthusiasts and activists for the Chicago premier of MOTHERLOAD! Proceeds from the event will benefit Chicago Family Biking. Tickets available at
MOTHERLOAD is an award-winning, crowdsourced documentary that uses the cargo bike as a vehicle for exploring parenting and bikes in this digital age of climate change. As Bay Area filmmaker/cyclist/mom meets the people behind the push…
Ninth Step Oktoberfest Almost-Century
Sat Sep 28th 8am-8pm
Intelligentsia Broadway, 3123 N Broadway
No, this isn't about making direct amends to the people we've harmed whenever doing so is possible and won't injure them or others.
It's about riding to
Three Floyds and
boosting our cognitive function every month this year! There's a somewhat consistent schedule -- usually the 4th Saturday……
Apple Cider Century
Sun Sep 29th 7:30am-7:30pm
Three Oaks Elementary, Three Oaks, Michigan
The Apple Cider Century (ACC) is an annual one-day 15, 25, 37, 50, 62, 75 or 100 mile bicycle tour of the orchards, forests and wine country in and around Three Oaks, Michigan on the last Sunday in September. The ACC is a recreational and social tour for bicyclists. It is neither a race nor a test of stamina. It is intended that all participants ride the tour in a safe and intelligent manner.
Since 1974, it has become the Midwest's largest one-day…
Big Marsh Benefit at Revolution!
Mon Sep 30th 6-8pm
Revolution Tap Room, 2323 N Milwaukee, 2nd floor
Join Friends of Big Marsh at Revolution Bar for our Fall benefit party! 
This Summer, Friends of Big Marsh made huge steps in park programming: our weekly #BikeBBQ series brought out neighbors from the surrounding communities every saturday, the short track racing series attacted more racers ever, and the Big Marsh Bike Ambassadors Program worked with young people to explore and promotes cycling in the Calumet!
Literal ground is being broken at the park as well! The Ford……

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