Active Transportation Alliance
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Active Transportation Alliance

Active Transportation Alliance - "Chicagoland's voice for better biking, walking and transit."
Contact: 312-427-3325
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8/8 4p See for yourself if a folding bike is right for you. Brompton Bicycles will let customers borrow their foldi...
ATA Join us Tuesday night @ Cosmic Bikes for a fun community event - NWside Forum on Biking +Walking. Let's work togeth…
ATA RT @NBTalliance: Tues (10/24): Join @activetrans Active at Cosmic Bikes for a biking & walking forum on #Chicago's #N...
ATA The report card is in: Public health experts gave America an “F” for walkability.
ATA Full house of engaged advocates this morning at Bike Walk Every Town Northwest Summit! Join us in Flossmoor next Sa…
ATA You’ll love these vintage photos showing the cycling craze in Chicago at the turn of the century.…
ATA RT @bradlander: Rode the M23 w/ @NYCMayor today to announce @NYC_DOT plan for 21 new bus rapid transit lines, thx to ...
ATA RT @Tri_State: Statement of TSTC executive director Nick Sifuentes following today's @NYC_DOT / @NYCMayor "Bus Forwar...
ATA @washingtonpost @Uber @lyft see our blog post from yesterday on the topic
ATA .@washingtonpost raises concerns about congestion and equity impacts of @Uber, @lyft; endorses Chicago fee increase
ATA Thanks to our friends at Theory bar & grill for throwing us a great bon voyage lunch before our move to 35 E. Wacke…
ATA Mayor’s push to raise ride-hailing fees to pay for transit is step in right direction in managing Uber/Lyft growth
ATA Buses so much more efficient than ride-hailing. More cars makes our streets less safe, and our city less healthy, e…
ATA Thanks to our friends @NPCA for this great guest post on the Pullman Transportation Plan
ATA Flyover update: @streetsblogchi reports @ChicagoDOT will close Lower LSD lane to allow foot/bike traffic … #chiLFT
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