Bike The Drive 2012 - Sun 5/29/11 5:30a
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Active Transportation Alliance
Bike The Drive 2012
Sun May 29th 2011 5:30a

Active Transportation Alliance - "Chicagoland's voice for better biking, walking and transit." This is an unofficial fan channel.
Contact: 312-427-3325
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ATA more info here:
ATA @KatieSieracki supports all 10 proposed policies. She says she walks, bikes and rides transit and Chicago should be…
ATA @RossanaFor33 backs 50 miles of new bus lanes, saying dedicated bus lanes and bus priority at traffic lights are t…
ATA @debmell supports all 10 proposed policies. She backs a Chicago Bike Walk Fund prioritized for the city’s highest c…
ATA .@activetransnow reports all three women running for alderman in the 33rd Ward say bus lanes and bike lanes should…
ATA @erikafor46 supports 9 of 10 policies. She says she walks often and rides transit and Divvy as much as she can.
ATA @marianneuptown supports all 10 policies. She calls walking and biking the "most economical and sustainable ways to…
ATA @JamesCappleman supports all 10 policies and lives car-free. He backs a Chicago Bike Walk Fund and says his experie…
ATA .@activetransnow reports many of the candidates for alderman in the 46th Ward on the North Lakefront live car-free…
ATA @Andrefor40th supports all 10 policies. He says he walks, bikes, and rides transit, and believes the city should ha…
ATA @MaggieJOK supports 8 of 10 proposed policies. She says a main tenet of her plan is organizing biking and running g…
ATA @UgoOkere40 pledges support for all 10 proposed policies. He says he commutes to work on transit and walks to runs…
ATA @40thWard supports all 10 policies. He says the ward contains many dangerous intersections that could be made safer…
ATA @DianneDaleiden supports all 10 proposed policies. She says she’s from a family who relied on public transportation…  /  Bike  © 2019 Andrew Bedno