Chicago Bicycle Program
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Chicago Bicycle Program
Demonstration mass for the City of Chicago Department of Transportation Bicycle Program, including the Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Council, Bike 2015 Plan and Bicycling Ambassadors.
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CB Bike lanes have been resurfaced and restriped on Halsted from 41st to Archer!
CB Happy Bike to Work Day! Here's to a relaxing, enjoyable ride on this beautiful Friday!
CB The Bike to Work Rally is tomorrow (6/17) 7-9am at Daley Plaza. Come get some bike maps and breakfast y'all!
CB The 35th Bike/Ped bridge takes form!
CB The 2016 Bike Maps are Here! Stop by any of the bike week pit stops or at the Bike to Work Rally on Friday morning (D...
CB Still a great video promoting promoting bike lanes. ?v=-6LZ0iRO-TM
CB Still a great video promoting protected bike lanes. ?v=-6LZ0iRO-TM
CB New concrete protected bike lanes take shape at the Damen/Fullerton/Elston reconstruction project!
CB Hilly 100 Bicycle Tour registration is now open. Save on registration until Spetember 4
CB Happy Friday!
CB We were able to snap these shots on Dearborn earlier this week. Just look at how excited he is to be on a bike!
CB Updated Online Bike Map! ?mid=zQxwjQwKejsc.kHUkYTSJEQug
CB In 2015 we installed and restriped over 42 miles of bikeways! That's almost 20% of the entire bike network!
CB New bike repair stand at the East end of the Bloomingdale Trail!  /  Bike  © 2021 Andrew Bedno