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See the ABOUT page for lots more help. answers the questions:

Text ? to to get a help reply.

Text W to for WHEREabouts.
Before a mass this returns the start location. While a mass is in progress this returns the most recent trusted location posting. Aliases like "location" and "where?" also work.

Text A to for AIR (weather).

Text M to for MAP graphic.
Depending on mass this may return the map, or the most recent photo, or simply a logo. It's a big file, mid-res, and not all phones are capable.

Text C for Cues (or I for INTRO).
Sends as much Cues / Intro text for the mass as will fit in a text message.

Text ON to to follow updates.
Text OFF to stop.
Following sends you all subsequent updates to the mass from sources deemed trustworthy.
Optionally instead text ALL to follow every posting, or NEWS to follow only admin postings. Synonyms such as join, start and quit also work.

Text ON tags to to follow a subject.
tags can be any search target including @name and #hash tags or ANY word(s).

  • uses the modern method of TEXTING to an EMAIL address. Use your text messaging screen (NOT your phone's email) and enter as the recipient's number. See Caveats for more details.
  • If you absolutely can't text to an email address, some masses also have a phone number shown on their POST page.
  • If using email, don't include signature lines, which may confuse the command handler.
  • and the hotline# always refer to the CURRENT mass. Specific masses (non-current or out-of-state for example) can also be reached at their direct addresses. This is shown on the POST page for a mass. Chicago Critical Mass (ccm) for example is and when not current.
  • Separate tags to follow with - (minus) for an OR search. Default is AND.
  • Tag follows sent to monitor all masses. For example texting ALL chicago bike to will forward you any pertinent messages posted from any sources such as the many monitored Facebook and Twitter feeds. By including a tag in your postings and telling others to follow it you can create communications groups to coordinate short notice community and social events. Add hash tags such as #news or #311 to your postings to potentially feed city and media monitors.


Postings to News can come from many sources.
To post by text messaging simply text
some useful posting to
Don't post messages like "wazzup!" - Do post messages like "Westbound passing 1200 W Addison"

Post PHOTOS by EMAIL (not MMS) to with caption in subject.

Users can also post from Twitter or Facebook or web or auto-GPS and more:
Recorder: Continuously post your location from smartphone. Also shows speedometer, heading, route and more.
Text Messaging: Handles commands and postings.
Manual GPS: Post your location from GPS enabled browsers.
Email: Upload photos with geolocation.
Hotline: Special phone number transcribes voice postings.
Web: Simple form, also calculates your location.
Facebook: Postings to the wall for a mass appear in the News feed.
Twitter: Tweets with target hash tags appear in the News feed.
RSS: Admin may configure additional syndication sources.
MORE: Now supports CSV/JSON/XML dataset overlays.
Detailed help for each is on the big help buttons on the POST page.
Also see caveats about posting.


Several major social features are on the Facebook Tab. Simply tap the button always at bottom right.
There you can Like, login, share, post, and visit the Facebook pages for masses.
To share or post any page, even chat messages, photos, maps and plots to Facebook, simply be on that page then tap the Facebook button.

To track your PERSONAL activity, use the LOGIN link on the Facebook tab. Using Facebook Connect gives smartphone and web users an automatic personal login. Then you can track and share YOUR riding, maintain your postings, and be considered more trustworthy.
On first time use Facebook connect will prompt you to confirm sharing required data detailed here.

Once connected the Facebook Tab becomes a User Menu with personal features and your web and GPS postings will be associated with you. From your User Menu set your phone and email addresses to also associate your text and photo postings. Post from some locations or record some riding then try the See Your Posts and See Your Plots buttons on your User Menu. See the advanced help for more info.


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