Chicago Critical Mass - Fri 4/30
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RT @ski7days: Hey #bikechi who's with me for #BICYCLEDAY let's follow #LSD from Wrigley LFP to the @artinstitutechi @MAPS #psychedelics #ne…
  Thu 4/15 5:10p   Chicritmass
RT @webster: Just passed by the National Guard attempting to parallel park a humvee in Uptown and it appeared to be going about as well as…
  Thu 4/15 9:25a   Chicritmass
The real story how easy it is in Chicago for Developers to buy beautiful perfectly good houses tear them down. Buil…
  Thu 4/15 9:24a   Chicritmass  
@awennink My Dentist gives me 2 extra free swag bags because I ride my #bikechi there. 😍
  Thu 4/15 9:18a   Chicritmass
Great advice.
  Thu 4/15 9:15a   Chicritmass  
What?? @amazon delivers dogs? Dude, you can get anything on the internet NOW
  Thu 4/15 9:13a   Chicritmass  
RT @Pflax1: ATTENTION PATRON SAINT PETE BUTTIGIEG French lawmakers pass a draft of a climate bill that would give consumers a $2,975 subs…
  Thu 4/15 9:11a   Chicritmass
RT @RTA_Chicago: Today the RTA is releasing results of its COVID Transit Ridership Survey, a public survey to observe behaviors, attitudes,…
  Thu 4/15 9:01a   Chicritmass
So messed up. 😞
  Thu 4/15 9a   Chicritmass  
Thanks great info 👍🏻
  Thu 4/15 8:50a   Chicritmass  
25% off fines hell yeah. Plus It’s so easy to find offenders 🙌
  Thu 4/15 8:47a   Chicritmass  
RT @LVikkiml: from a man recently out of solitary confinement: The importance of books in prison
  Thu 4/15 8:42a   Chicritmass  
RT @billyweather: While today was a bit on the cool side with a high of 51°, it could have been worse. Two years ago on this date a record…
  Thu 4/15 8:41a   Chicritmass
RT @JonHansenTV: Do you have good news to share? It can be big, small, about your neighborhood, or personal. We want your voices and storie…
  Thu 4/15 8:39a   Chicritmass

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