Polka Ride - Fri 1/27/12 5:45p
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[*CCM*] Another article about CCM - From Medill School (NU) Journalism: jl
  Fri 1/27/12 11:06p   Limber, Jim  

Happy Friday! Annual Polka / bowling ride ends at 4837 N Lincoln.
  Fri 1/27/12 8p   Andrew Bedno   ~6.7mi

Happy Friday! Polka ride leaves Daley Plaza after 6pm, 50 W Washington
  Fri 1/27/12 6p   Andrew Bedno   ~0mi 
[*CCM*] Tent Revival plays Winter Happy Hours at Boulevard Bikes thi - Folks, Join us every Thursday through March, 6-8 pm for Winter Happy Hours at Boulevard Bikes, 2535 N. Kedzie. At these anti-depression music sessions some of
  Tue 1/24/12 10:07p   John Greenfield  
this Friday, the one, the ONLY, it's the Critical Mass Polka RIDE!! ONLY IN CHICAGO. Can't wait!
  Mon 1/23/12 9:25p   Don Hedeker  

Quite a stunning comparison.
  Sun 1/22/12 11:20p   POLKA RIDE  
[*CCM*] Fewer teens desperate to drive - -Bob M.
  Sun 1/22/12 10:08a   Bob Matter  
Re: [*CCM*] OT Ward remap - At least in Rey Colon's case he will be living outside of his ward. I suppose he has 3 years to figure out a new living situation or run against Joe Moreno in
  Sat 1/21/12 7:33p   Ash Lottes  
Re: [*CCM*] OT Ward remap - The Tribune link says, in fine print, the new map doesn't go into effect til 2015. Good to see that that's after Armageddon, at least. GV PS: I'm still going
  Sat 1/21/12 6:27p   G J Valent  
Re: [*CCM*] OT Ward remap - Thanks, Bob. In some alternate universe where various alternatives are explored and there is some sort of public input process, I'm sure these maps are very
  Sat 1/21/12 5:36p   Hnk  
Re: [*CCM*] OT Ward remap - This page offers a side-by-side comparison of old and new maps. While it doesn't have all the street names, it DOES have a search box that allows you to find
  Sat 1/21/12 5:05p   Anne Alt  
Re: [*CCM*] OT Ward remap - Howard, Thanks for the link. It's definitely more detailed and clearer than the ones I found. But, it confirms my change of venue, so to speak. I'm definitely
  Sat 1/21/12 4:40p   G J Valent  
Re: [*CCM*] OT Ward remap - ... This is a link to a page with several maps displayed, along with some
  Sat 1/21/12 4:40p   Bob Kastigar  
Re: [*CCM*] OT Ward remap - For a minute I thought the interactive map at the site Bob linked to -was- the actual new map . . . interesting, but unrealistic in my opinion (most of my
  Sat 1/21/12 4:17p   Hnk  

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