WZRD 88.3 Back To School Radio mass - Fri 9/30/16 5:45p
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NEWS from WZRD 88.3 Back To School Radio mass - Fri 9/30/16 5:45p«New   Old»        POST 
RT @kgburke3: NewOrleans bikers also at risk @ChiCritMass @ILBicycleLaw
  Fri 9/30/16 11:09p   Chicritmass  
RT @MassUpUs: Happy Friday! @ChiCritMass rides after 6pm from Daley Plaza, 50 W Washington. #bikeCHI…
  Fri 9/30/16 10:51p   Chicritmass  
RT @limodavid: @DNA_WPB @BikeCHInorth @ImStillRashardH @ChiCritMass @DNAinfoCHI Thank you and thankfully the boy was not seriously injured
  Fri 9/30/16 10:51p   Chicritmass
Re: [*CCM*] [BCHI] Husband of bicyclist killed at Mount Prospect crosswalk describes 'horrific torture' waiting months for police report - Chicago Tribune Amazing, unbelievably amazing ! Greg Valent On 9/30/2016 8:47 PM, Gary Bicycles wrote: > > > Thanks to Gary on the BCHI list for this. You may have to be a Tribune online subscriber to read.
  Fri 9/30/16 9:25p   Gjv~nt  
True. True True
  Fri 9/30/16 4:19p   Chicritmass  
Good to hear
  Fri 9/30/16 2:55p   Chicritmass  
RT @tonyatoms: take a stand against traffic fatalities by signing on to the Vision Zero Call to Action. #bikeCHI @a…
  Fri 9/30/16 2:29p   Chicritmass  
Thank you Andrew
  Fri 9/30/16 2:29p   Chicritmass  
RT @stevevance: More awareness, among cyclists and motorists, may have led to fewer reporting "dooring" crashes in #bikeCHI…
  Fri 9/30/16 2:29p   Chicritmass
RT @EntrepreneurIND: .@mycubii, an under-desk elliptical, allows you to work and work out at the same time! https:/…
  Fri 9/30/16 2:27p   Chicritmass   ~1.3mi 
Thank you
  Fri 9/30/16 2:24p   Chicritmass  
[*CCM*] Teen Cyclist Hit By Car At Wicker Park's Damen, Milwaukee, North Hub Yippee, not dead: 'The cyclist was taken to St. Mary's Hospital, where he was said to be stable.' But: 'The driver has not been issued any citations at this time, Pacheco said.' GV
  Fri 9/30/16 1:14p   Gjv~nt  
RT @WGNNews: Chicago Tribune endorses Libertarian Gary Johnson for president:
  Fri 9/30/16 1:12p   Chicritmass  
RT @MarketWatch: This is what happens when you get rid of 75% of your stuff:
  Fri 9/30/16 1:11p   Chicritmass  

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