Safety Mass - Fri 8/30
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RT @streetsblogchi: Here's the near-term @DivvyBikes expansion zone. Meanwhile, 500 more non-electric and 1,900 e-bikes will be added to th…
  Tue 9/10 8:42p   Chicritmass
RT @PurpleFemmedigo: I love biking and every week I have numerous experiences with drivers that leave me angry, shaken, etc. I can see why…
  Mon 9/9 3:25a   Chicritmass
RT @greenfieldjohn: The on-street bike rack in front of the SOFO Tap in Andersonville, one of Chicago’s leading “Bear” bars, has been paint…
  Sun 9/8 5:17p   Chicritmass
RT @aka60643: Hey #19thward #bikeCHI friends - @DivvyBikes expansion is coming to our ward before the end of the year. Do you know how to m…
  Sun 9/8 5:10p   Chicritmass
RT @bikelaneuprise: Let's put this event on blast folks. Share away. @thechainlinkorg @ClintonBikeLn @streetsblogchi @ElstonBikeLane @Hals…
  Wed 9/4 5:34p   Chicritmass
RT @Cycling_Embassy: The Netherlands' Princess Ariane began her first day of high school today. Her father, King Willem-Alexander, filmed…
  Tue 9/3 5:08p   Chicritmass
RT @bkevenides: Could bicycles help save the planet and improve our cities? - The Washington Post
  Tue 9/3 5:06p   Chicritmass  
#bikechi keep a lookout. So sad 😞
  Tue 9/3 3:07p   Chicritmass  
RT @greenfieldjohn: I was out of town, but I heard that as @ChiCritMass rolled down Dickens Avenue in Lincoln Park on Friday, "There was a…
  Tue 9/3 3:06p   Chicritmass
RT @BlockClubCHI: Happy Labor Day! You can thank Chicago workers for having Monday off.
  Mon 9/2 4:40p   Chicritmass  
RT @roadcc: UK’s first Bicycle Mayor outlines plans to get Cumbria pedalling #cycling
  Sun 9/1 7:32a   Chicritmass  
Last friday of the month & we leave 6ish fromDaley plaza. #bikechi
  Fri 8/30 5:28p   Chicritmass
RT @bkevenides: A person on a bike was struck by a driver that fled at Chicago and Ogden this morning. They are looking for any witnesses…
  Fri 8/30 5:27p   Chicritmass
RT @gerasimenkoju: See you there!!! Support @WestTownBikes even if you can’t make it!!! #bikechi
  Fri 8/30 5:25p   Chicritmass  

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