Chicago Critical Mass - Fri 7/26
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NOTES for Chicago Critical Mass - Fri 7/26
Extinction Rebellion leads, riding in solidarity to demand climate justice.
Riders are encouraged either to wear lime green and neon colors or treat this as clothing optional / bare as you dare as a statement on the urgent need for change and the vulnerability of our species.

The Extinction Rebellion crew will be passing out stickers and bike flags in Daley Plaza from 5pm. The route goes from Daley Plaza to Wicker Park, circling along the north side of the city and passing through multiple checkpoints where the rebels will highlight Extinction Rebellion's four main demands to government:
* Tell the truth about the climate crisis
* Reach net zero emissions by 2025
* Convene a People's Assembly to oversee the transition
* Prioritize frontline communities for a just transition

Gather at Daley Center / Eternal Flame, 50 W Washington
Head north on N Dearborn St 0.5mi
Turn right onto W Illinois St 0.2mi
Turn left onto N Rush St 0.6mi
Turn left onto E Walton St 0.1mi
Turn right onto N Dearborn St 0.3mi
Turn left onto W Division St 0.2mi
Turn right onto N Wells St 0.8mi
Turn right onto N Lincoln Ave 141 ft
Turn left onto N Clark St 1.4mi
Turn left onto Diversey St 0.3mi
Turn right onto N Halsted St 0.3mi
Slight left onto N Clark St 0.1mi
Turn right on Belmont Ave .1mi
Turn left onto N Halsted St 0.8mi
Continue onto N Broadway 0.4mi
Turn left onto Irving Park Ave 0.6mi
Turn right onto N Southport Ave 0.6mi
Turn right onto W Addison St 0.5mi
Turn left onto N Lincoln Ave 0.3mi
Slight right onto N Paulina St 0.2mi
Turn right onto W Belmont Ave 0.4mi
Turn left onto N Damen Ave 0.5mi
Turn right onto W Diversey Pkwy 0.3mi
Turn left onto W Logan Blvd 0.8mi
Turn left onto N California Ave 0.4mi
Turn left on Milwaukee Ave 0.6mi
Slight left onto W Armitage Ave 0.6mi
Turn right onto N Damen Ave 0.7mi
Wicker Park

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