Bike People Dumping - Fri 8/31/2007 6p
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Chicago Critical Mass
Bike People Dumping
Fri Aug 31st 2007 6p

Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for 15+ years. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown (50 W Washington St) around 6pm.
Contact: Glowacz Monaghan Blume
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CCM RT @PstafarianPrice: @ILBicycleLaw @ChiCritMass Bring this guy to Chicago. I forget which street it is (Clark? Wells?...
CCM RT @53viroqua: Terra cotta--former Carter Harrison Technical High School, Chicago
CCM RT @greenfieldjohn: I mean, we're trying to get the Lakefront Trail and The 606 reopened to bikes, and open up street...
CCM RT @mpusto: 😩 Why do their emergency cycle paths look far superior to our years-long process permanent ones?
CCM RT @EricAllixRogers: Possibly the most vivid and long-lasting rainbow I've ever seen! 🌈🌈🌈 #chicago #rainbow ...
CCM RT @aka60643: Beautiful morning for a #bikeCHI ride - in Dan Ryan Woods. @fpdcc @fotfp
CCM Go kids Go
CCM RT @ILBicycleLaw: A true virtuoso.
CCM RT @ArchiJake: Lines 10 people deep at bike shops. @ChicagoDOT we’re going to need to do a lot to accommodate the i...
CCM So many car-free streets 😒 jealous #bikechi
CCM RT @TheDailyRiderDC: New bike day always brings a smile to the face, even while wearing a mask. Thanks for visiting, ...
CCM @greenfieldjohn we #bikechi Chicago are so lucky to have you. Thanks for all you do. πŸ™Œ
CCM RT @tallboy66: @mateosfo @ChiCritMass And with the increase of flooding and storm runoff ruining our lake and rivers ...
CCM RT @joncoopertweets: Nearly half of the 'reopen America' Twitter accounts are bots, researchers found. They identifie...  /  Bike  © 2020 Andrew Bedno