Earth Mass 2 - Fri 4/29/11 5:45p
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 21F W10 Clear 10i
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Chicago Critical Mass
Earth Mass 2
Fri Apr 29th 2011 5:45p

Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for more than a decade. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown around 6pm. 2011.04.29 Earth Mass 2 - Andrew Bedno Parks intensive mass designed to coincide with Earth Month (April), Earth Day (April 22nd), and Arbor Day (April 29th). Passes through major parks including Union, Garfield, Humboldt, Palmer, Logan, Lincoln, more, following tree-lined boulevards, ending along lakefront path.
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CCM RT @tanveerali: It's not just you. The Blue Line has gotten crazy crowded during rush hour in recent years. @mina_blo...
CCM RT @THEMMEXCHANGE: Medical marijuana laws reduced #alcohol consumption #MME #marijuana #cannabis #Medicalmarijuan…
CCM RT @Baderbrau: ❄️It's the Baderbrau Solstice Art Party, 12/21 7pm with the art of Anthony Christopher & Philamonj...
CCM RT @NBTalliance: The North Branch Trail Alliance of Greater Chicago is a strong supporter of @activetrans's efforts f...
CCM RT @activetrans: Public buses carry exponentially more people (46 people/trip on avg.) than private vehicles & theref...
CCM RT @WorkingBikes: Mechanic lessons in Uganda continue! #globalsolidarity#workingbikes #Bwindi #bikechi
CCM RT @yo_uterus: Also the prospect of snow has me all excited for @activetrans ‘s winter bike to work week. AMA about...
CCM RT @Baderbrau: ❄️It's the Winter Solstice art party, 12/21 7pm. Come see works by Anthony Christopher, Philamanja...
CCM Woohoo!! 🍺
CCM For sure
CCM RT @BikeCHInorth: It's cold out there #bikechi. Watch for "some ice" on Oak Street curve on #chiLFT
CCM =?UTF-8?Q?Sports_Fest_2018=2C_=C4=B0stanbul_?= =?UTF-8?Q?Calls_You!?
CCM RT @bilcksneatff: 35 degrees outside, full bike rack at work. Remind me again how people don't bike in the cold? ...
CCM RT @modacitylife: "If the end goal is for the bicycle to become a serious, convenient mode of transportation, we must...
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