Bike Winter Art Show mass - Fri 2/26/16 5:45p
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 13F NW8 Clear 2i
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Chicago Critical Mass
Bike Winter Art Show mass
Fri Feb 26th 2016 5:45p

Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for 15+ years. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown (50 W Washington St) around 6pm.
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CCM RT @bikelaneuprise: 👏 Round of applause for @bkevenides and his firm Freeman Kevenides Law - Bike Law, for their c...
CCM RT @bikelaneuprise: Also big shout out to @hell0babs for creating our 2019 supporter graphics. We love how aggressive...
CCM RT @HighPope_Brun: @Kenmcld @msramming Reminds me of the @ChiCritMass assholes. When they CLEARLY violate the rules o...
CCM RT @BicycleKuma: Looking forward to riding on the beach, on the snow, on the beach, this weekend!
CCM RT @bikelaneuprise: @84EWashington @ChicagoDOT @streetsblogchi @thechainlinkorg Woop woop 🙌 lookin good @ChicagoDO...
CCM RT @MessengerMedia: Remembering New York City bike messenger Warren "Q" Wilder who passed away January 15, 2015
CCM RT @ILBicycleLaw: New sign went up this weekend at our West Town office at 825 Milwaukee Avenue. This location allows...
CCM RT @Pres_Chicago: DEMOLITION ALERT! Despite preservation advocacy efforts, a demolition permit has been granted to th...
CCM RT @bkevenides: Steel plates are a hazard to cyclists, esp in the winter. Chicago's own rules state that "plates must...
CCM RT @CityLab: Since 1910, at least 170 known female artists have been commissioned to make work for London’s public ...
CCM RT @BikeLeague: This is what making your community more welcoming to bicyclists, pedestrians, and humans looks like a...
CCM RT @bikeshopgirlcom: May the bicycle always be a nonpartisan tool for connecting communities.
CCM RT @BlockClubCHI: We're excited to announce @BlockClubCHI is joining forces with @BetterGov, @ChicagoReporter, @theda...
CCM RT @hell0babs: My favorite thing about bike gear is the “deep winter” stuff meant for temps around 40 degrees. I ...
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