Race to Berwyn - Fri 3/31/17 5:45p
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Chicago Critical Mass
Race to Berwyn
Fri Mar 31st 2017 5:45p

First time route fielded by young long-time participant Javier A. Montaño Jr. Heading to Berwyn for hopefully reasons more than him living there. Ride was sadly beset by trouble early, and lost some half the riders within the first mile. My little posse dutifully attempted to continue on route, but never again saw the head. We finally bailed at Cermak and California, to dinner and a movie with new friends. Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for 15+ years. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown (50 W Washington St) around 6pm.
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CCM So true 😏 #bikechi
CCM Gonna be a nice fall #bikechi commute today 😏
CCM Woohoo 🎉
CCM @Chicago_Scanner Apparently 😉 #bikechi
CCM @buyingkittens Ngl I've done this to my cousin but it was kn purpose cause his chicm had an attitude with me on one…
CCM @buyingkittens Ngl I've done this to my cousin but it was kn purpose cause his chicm had an attitude with me on one…
CCM RT @StreetsblogUSA: Vancouver is building one of the best bike lane networks in North America -- see how they're doin...
CCM RT @AlternativeDfT: Drivers pulling dangerous moves familiar to anyone who cycles, yet for some reason nobody will be...
CCM RT @streetsblogchi: Yesterday @ChicagoDOT released the snazzy 2019 Chicago Bike Map. Request a copy here: New feat…
CCM This chicm on metro reaching with the apartheid comment lol bitch relax
CCM RT @jackthurston: I never knew bicycles featured in the D-Day landings. What a thought.
CCM RT @bikelaneuprise: Do you like bikes? Data? Tech? Transportation? Design? Urban planning? Civic good? You're in luck...
CCM @kvmv 😍
CCM RT @CityLab: Where protected bike lanes were most abundant on a citywide basis, fatal crash rates dropped by 44 perce...  /  Bike  © 2019 Andrew Bedno