Earth Mass 2 - Fri 4/29/11 5:45p
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Chicago Critical Mass
Earth Mass 2
Fri Apr 29th 2011 5:45p

Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for more than a decade. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown around 6pm. 2011.04.29 Earth Mass 2 - Andrew Bedno Parks intensive mass designed to coincide with Earth Month (April), Earth Day (April 22nd), and Arbor Day (April 29th). Passes through major parks including Union, Garfield, Humboldt, Palmer, Logan, Lincoln, more, following tree-lined boulevards, ending along lakefront path.
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CCM RT @wef: In this Tokyo cafe, the waiters are robots operated remotely by people with disabilities #robotics #japan…
CCM RT @bikelaneuprise: Cyclist hit by car is trying to find person with recordings/photos of crash. #bikechi
CCM Very sad
CCM RT @bikelaneuprise: [ #BluDayofService ] Now is your chance to adopt a #bikechi bike lane! We've broken up the lanes ...
CCM RT @bkevenides: Lyft Decides to Do Something About Its Cab Customers Who Door Its Bike Customers via @StreetsblogNY…
CCM RT @UrbDAA: As always, awesome info/reporting from @streetsblogchi and this article points out why I am HAPPY I can n...
CCM RT @bikelaneuprise: @bigmarshchicago @ILBicycleLaw @thechainlinkorg @ChiCritMass @streetsblogchi @CrainsChicago @curb...
CCM RT @Lyndab08: Chicago is like someone who you fall in love all over again once it gets warm. It's the love that is do...
CCM RT @colvilleandersn: The bicycle. Nothing beats it for efficiency.
CCM RT @timaumiller: All traffic should look like this.... @ChiCritMass @bikelaneuprise @sfbike
CCM RT @MichelleStenzel: I was leery of the proposed Lyft deal but after reviewing the details, I think it will be a good...
CCM RT @backwards_river: Bicycle ad, Chicago 1897. @ChiCritMass
CCM RT @bikelaneuprise: Dear chicago, today is Election Day - again. Go vote. #DEJAVUelection #ChiMayor19
CCM RT @streetsblogchi: It's great that @chicagotribune transportation reporter @marywizchicago is a multimodal commuter....  /  Bike  © 2019 Andrew Bedno