Valentine Massacre 2 - Fri 5/27/11 6p
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Earth Mass 7
Valentine Massacre 2
Fri May 27th 2011 6p

Repeat of 2001.02.23 route. Possibly unintended, simply happened to be the one printed on the May Derailleur. Map ended at Green Mill, mass went on Sheridan to Hollywood, then big loop back to lakefrontpath, then south.
Contact: Bob Matter
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CCM RT @UCI_MTB: Same day, same course, different conditions but same emotions! Congratulations @sparkleaddict and @mathf...
CCM RT @cyclelicious: Can someone tell me the last time the highway system was profitable?
CCM RT @BikingMom: Spending the weekend in the pedestrian hell of #Rosemont, IL. This is just one example of the awful pl...
CCM RT @Snowgoggles: Today i learned from @Chicago_Police that no law is broken when a motorist hits a cyclist with their...
CCM I find it funny when another fat chicm calls me fat! I be sis you and me wear the same size where is your room to t…
CCM True that!
CCM RT @bkevenides: This person’s bike portage game is strong. #bikeCHI
CCM RT @streetsblogchi: The new bike-hostile design of the eastern section of the Chicago Riverwalk degraded what used to...
CCM RT @aimeelevitt: Attention bright young journalists: come join us at @Chicago_Reader for a PAID digital reporting int...
CCM RT @Penalosa_G: Make cycling easy. Bike / walk paths so well maintained don't need special tires. School days at -17C...
CCM RT @EmrgencyKittens: escape expert 😹 📹: lnstakittens
CCM RT @PurpleFemmedigo: I hope some other cool ass Black woman can take my spot in the top 1% of Divvy riders. The syste...
CCM RT @bikelaneuprise: Whoah! Around 70% of all #bikechi bike lanes have been adopted so far! Join @ILBicycleLaw & us th...
CCM RT @degrowUS: Chicago degrowthers, there's a Global Degrowth Day event at the @dillpicklecoop in Lincoln Square, 1-3 ...  /  Bike  © 2019 Andrew Bedno