Pride Ride - Fri 6/29/12 5:45p
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Chicago Critical Mass
Pride Ride
Fri Jun 29th 2012 5:45p

Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for more than a decade. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown (50 W Washington St) around 6pm.
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CCM RT @BrentToderian: Still don’t appreciate the transformation of Paris? Watch how many people go by, in how many way...
CCM RT @nevitate: If cars on only went 25 MPH, injuries/deaths from cars would go down by 90%. So why don’t we do that?
CCM #bikechi ???
CCM RT @BrandisFriedman: Spotted in Auburn Gresham, the Dreadhead Cowboy!
CCM RT @activetrans: As a new cyclist, keep in mind that the best biking route is often very different from the best driv...
CCM RT @bikelaneuprise: Thank you to our most recent supporter, Jackie, who made a contribution in the name of Issac Mart...
CCM Ok #bikechi here is your chance. Do it.
CCM Has a nice ring to it.
CCM @mattstegman For sure would probably save lives.
CCM Always try & tell cyclists you are way more likely to get doored than hit by a car. Most don’t believe & still ride…
CCM @sbergus @allweeksend Had that joyful experience several years ago & then got yelled at by the bus driver for not put...
CCM RT @designboom: ai weiwei mask charity initiative raises over $1 million dollars in a month
CCM RT @hbryant42: This country is so racist it took filming George Floyd being murdered before FedEx and Nike realized m...
CCM @JaxRosa One termers. Not even sure if that’s a real word  /  Bike  © 2020 Andrew Bedno