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We're looking for responsible, dedicated and enthusiastic applicants to be summer 2018 lifeguards! If you, or someo…
  Sat 3/17 2:01p   Chicagoparks   ~3.4mi 
If you braved the weather today, you might have seen our float in the #StPatricksDay parade! ☘️🍀☘️
  Sat 3/17 1:39p   Chicagoparks  
Wednesday, March 18 from 6pm-8pm #AustinTownHallPark is hosting a Poetry Night! Come hear or contribute poems, spok…
  Fri 3/16 3:01p   Chicagoparks   ~.6mi 
🍀We dyed the @gpconservatory pond green today! Come check it out & while you’re there, visit our Spring Flower show…
  Fri 3/16 11:29a   Chicagoparks  
Win a chance to register early for summer programs when you answer our Maple Syrup Festival poll! Check it out here…
  Fri 3/16 8:30a   Chicagoparks  
Spring registration is open and we have a number of events for teenagers! There are openings in Archery, Glow In Th…
  Thu 3/15 3:01p   Chicagoparks  
Hey @RogerFederer there’s a number of great parks around the city you can check out! Plus, if you need a place to p…
  Thu 3/15 9:50a   Chicagoparks  
Join us this Sunday, March 18 at the North Park Village Nature Center for a presentation about climate change. Lear…
  Thu 3/15 8:30a   Chicagoparks  
Throw on some green and join us Friday, March 16 @gpconservatory as we continue our tradition of dying the conserva…
  Wed 3/14 3p   Chicagoparks  
@BrianQuinn36 @mattoshea19 Our Park staff is aware of the situation at Munroe Park playground and is taking the app…
  Wed 3/14 2:35p   Chicagoparks   ~12.8mi 
Bunny events are back! Check out a full list of our family friendly events here-->
  Wed 3/14 8:30a   Chicagoparks  
Teens! Come out and learn about film making opportunities with Free Spirit Media and @ChicagoParks Free Spirit Medi…
  Tue 3/13 3:01p   Chicagoparks  
Join us on Instagram today as #WickerPark takes over our account! This 4 acres park that shares its name with the c…
  Tue 3/13 8:01a   Chicagoparks  
Reminder: Tomorrow & Wednesday are our fifth round of public meetings regarding the South Lakefront Framework Plan…
  Mon 3/12 3p   Chicagoparks  

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