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'Come to Light' 5800 N. Lake Shore Drive. Artist: Brett Whitacre 'Come to Light' was designed to represent a change in light over the course of a day and also the change that happens within each of us. From one wall to the next wall, The artist wanted the size, color, shape, and details of the piece to change as it traveled from one wall through the second and to the last on...
  2011   Art   ~3.3mi 

Growing, Edgewater Bryn Mawr Underpass, Lead Artists: T. Van Duinen and T. Osborn The Growing mural project was designed and implemented to bring together and beautify the Edgewater community using public art while extending and complimenting sister wall Living. The process lasted 12 months, which included a series of community discussions, artist led art-making workshops, a...
  2008   Art   ~3.3mi 

Growing Bryn Mawr and Lake Shore Drive. Artists Tracy Van Duinen and Todd Osborne. This beautiful bricolage is located on the south wall of the underpass, directly across from Living. Growing was designed and installed with the help of many Edgewater community members. The result includes sculpted flowers, plants, and butterflies.
  2008   Art   ~3.3mi 

Living Bryn Mawr and Lake Shore Drive Bricolage. Artist Tracy Van Duinen and Todd Osborne. This colorful bricolage celebrates the past, present, and future of the Edgewater community. Images of the community are represented, including historical architecture.
  2007   Art   ~3.4mi 

Changing Home 1016 W Argyle St. Artist Juan Chavez. Located in the New Chinatown neighborhood, this mural addresses the Asian Immigrant experience. Experiences like arriving in the U.S., establishing a community, and the various paths youth take to enrich themselves and their community.
  1996   Art   ~3.6mi 

Foster Underpass Bricolage 'Indian Land Dancing' Foster and Lake Shore Drive underpass. Tracy Van Duinen and Todd Osborne. Both the north and south side of the Foster underpass have been transformed by both the community and artists into a breathtaking story of the area's history and the history of its Native American residents.
  2009   Art   ~3.7mi 

Fishing at Hogarth' 1108 W Lawrence Ave. Artists Tim Portlock and Beatriz Santiago Munoz. This mural, painted on the west-facing retaining wall of the El tracks at the Lawrence stop, was designed and painted with the help of 11 Prologue Alternative High School students.
  1995   Art   ~3.8mi 

Living Off the Waters of Creation W Lawrence Ave & N Winthrop Ave. Artist Turbado Marabou. This collaborative mural focuses on life and our spiritual connections. The title and use of water imagery suggests the importance it has on our lives: life always congregates around a water source.
  1994   Art   ~3.8mi 

From Many Paths We Come N Beacon St. Artists Ginny Sykes and Mirtes Zwierzynski. Located in a neighborhood of Uptown, throughout a three block radius from Beacon to Magnolia st, is an area called Sunnyside mall. The artist worked with youth assistants and Uptown residents to create mosaic sculptures set with handmade ceramic tiles, a mosaic pathway, and separate mosaics thro...
  1997   Art   ~3.8mi 

Margate Park 4921 N Marine Dr. Artist Corinne Peterson and James Brenner. Margate Park Mosaic, Stone Sculpture, Bricolage, and Metals.
  2004   Art   ~3.9mi 

Stockton School 4420 N Beacon St. Artists Ginny Sykes and Corinne Peterson. The theme of this project, involving 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, was 'Masks and Journeys'. Students studied different forms of mask making and storytelling and the cultural representations through these mediums.
  2000   Art   ~3.9mi 

Stockton School Mosaic 'Over the Rainbow' 4420 N Beacon St. Artist Ginny Sykes. Over the Rainbow is one of several mosaic murals on the exterior of the school. These murals represent the multicultural character of Stockton School.
  1999   Art   ~3.9mi 

I Will... 4730 N. Sheridan. Artist: Tracy Van DuinenAssitant: Todd Osborne the images that make up the macro design reveal what takes place at the agency. This includes the psychiatric, social work, hip hop workshops, tech center, art and circus acrobatics programs. The figures are tracing from photographs taken from around the agency. The supporting text that surrounds thes...
  2005   Art   ~3.9mi 

Lakeview HS Bench Project 4015 N Ashland Ave. Artist Karen Ami. Over the summer students worked with the artist to create 10 mosaic benches. Each bench has a different theme, such as mesoamerican imagery, animals, aquatics, and urban scenes.
  1997   Art   ~4.2mi 

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