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#ChiSwimReport 7/28/17: Swim advisory at Humboldt, Foster, Howard, Rogers, and Juneway Beach based on water quality.
  Fri 7/28 12:03p   Chicagoparks
.@ChicagoShakes is coming to a park near you w/ Romeo & Juliet! #EllisPark (3520 S Cottage Grove) 7/30 at 4pm. Info…
  Fri 7/28 11:02a   Chicagoparks  
RT @walkaboutthtr: We are thrilled to announce our upcoming summer spectacle, A Persephone Pageant! #walkaboutsummer #MyChiParks #Outdoorth…
  Fri 7/28 10:24a   Chicagoparks
#chiparksmovies(7/28) continued... Tyler Perry's Boo: A Madea Halloween at #OakdalePark; LEGO Batman Movie at…
  Fri 7/28 9:01a   Chicagoparks  
#chiparksmovies(7/28): Ferris Bueller's Day Off at #AthleticFieldPark; Sing at #AvalonPark; Moana at…
  Fri 7/28 9:01a   Chicagoparks  
"Go Run" #intheparks with @CARARuns! The free, timed running program runs each Saturday thru 8/26 at 9am.For info:…
  Thu 7/27 7p   Chicagoparks  
Create your own Movies #InTheParks meme. EARN 100 PTS & FREE chance to win Fireworks Boat Tour for 10 people. Info-…
  Thu 7/27 5p   Chicagoparks  
@kwp851 Thx 4 your tweet.Our park signs state alcohol is not permitted at the park. In reference to the Park at Wri…
  Thu 7/27 4:22p   Chicagoparks  
Which park will you enjoy #shakesintheparks this summer? Check out the schedule-->
  Thu 7/27 3:01p   Chicagoparks  
#chiswimreport 7/27/17: Swim advisory at Humboldt Beach based on water quality. Swimming is allowed but caution is advised.
  Thu 7/27 12:40p   Chicagoparks
Join us on July 29 from 2-5pm for an amateur Steppin' Dance-Off contest at #AustinTownHallPark by @SummerDanceChi!…
  Thu 7/27 11:02a   Chicagoparks  
.@ChicagoShakes is coming to a park near you w/ Romeo & Juliet! #EckhartPark 1330 W Chicago) 8/4 at 6:30pm. Info:…
  Thu 7/27 11:01a   Chicagoparks  
Gorgeous! #NatureInTheCity #ChiParksNaturalAreas Worth a visit!
  Thu 7/27 9:59a   Chicagoparks  
#chiparksmovies(7/27): Tyler Perry's Boo: A Madea Halloween at #AustinTownHall; Captain America at #ChasePark... co…
  Thu 7/27 9:02a   Chicagoparks  

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