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FedEx Tracking
  Tue 1/22/19 10:13a   Fe~ex
PayPal Electronic Invoice Message
  Wed 1/16/19 9:42a   Pa~al
Real Estate Investors List Hi, Would you be interested in acquiring an email list of "Real Estate Investors" from USA? We also have data for Condo Owners List, Luxury Brand Buyers, Home Owners List, Newly Movers, Rentals List, Pool Owners List, Travelers list, Real Estate Agents/Brokers List, Mortgage with Home List, Iphone Users, Car Owners and many more.. Each record in th...
  Thu 8/2/18 1:51p   Che~le   ~8.9mi
Leavitt & Shakespeare
  Sat 10/15/16 11:47a   Dan~er   ~3.8mi

Completely unlock black Jamis at Damen and Wellington. Missing stem and front wheel.
  Sat 10/8/16 7:45p   Andrew Bedno   ~2.8mi

Trek on the bike rack at 4055 N. Broadway is not actually locked.
  Mon 10/3/16 6:36p   Andrew Bedno
Reporter in Washington, DC trying to get in touch with you re: story on abandoned bikes Hi, Andrew, I'm a reporter for Stateline. We're a news organization that covers issues affecting states and local government. I'm working on a story about abandoned bikes in cities and saw you quoted in a story from Chicago. I'd like to talk to you about abandoned bikes and why you have a...
  Wed 9/21/16 2:05p   Jbe~al   ~30.6mi
Problems with item delivery, n.00485827 Dear Customer, We could not deliver your parcel. Please, download Delivery Label attached to this email. Sincerely, Greg Carey, Sr. Station Agent.
  Wed 9/21/16 1:52p   Gre~ey
Problems with item delivery, n.00000387481 Dear Customer, We could not deliver your parcel. Shipment Label is attached to this email. Warm regards, Dustin Rogers, Sr. Station Agent.
  Mon 9/19/16 6:40a   Dus~rs
Delivery Notification, ID 00000452163 Dear Customer, Your parcel has arrived at September 11. Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you. Shipment Label is attached to this email. Yours sincerely, Terrence Mcintyre, FedEx Delivery Agent.
  Mon 9/12/16 4:21a   Ter~re
Problem with parcel shipping, ID:0000535724 Dear Customer, This is to confirm that one or more of your parcels has been shipped. Shipment Label is attached to email. Yours sincerely, Francisco Goodwin, Operation Manager.
  Fri 8/26/16 6:18a   Fra~in
1st Page on Google..!! Hello, We are offering S.E.O. Offer for your website. which will help you to improve your Google, Yahoo, and Msn and other search engine rankings. We’ve good work experience with number of clients in UK ,US and AU. Monthly Task and responsibilities: - 1. Google Local/Business Listing 2. 30 Social Bookmaking Submissions 3. 10 Article Submissions (1 arti...
  Tue 7/12/16 12:26p   Ran~gh
Shipment delivery problem #0000887190 Dear Customer, This is to confirm that one or more of your parcels has been shipped. Shipment Label is attached to email. Yours faithfully, Wayne Rosen, Sr. Station Agent.
  Sun 6/26/16 1:37a   Way~en

Cheap Teal Show Pony gradually decaying directly across the street from Music Box Theatre for about a year. (~3725 N Southport Ave)
  Thu 6/2/16 1:42p   Andrew Bedno   ~1.8mi

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