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Blocks Together
  2012   Art   ~4.9mi 

Aqua Interlude & Reflection 1200 S. Columbus Dr. Artist: Mirtes Zwierzynski and Maria Gaspar Aqua Interlude & Reflection, was produced this past summer 2011 with the participation of fifty youth, two lead artists, several artist assistants, and many volunteers, in collaboration with After-School Matters. This 1,600 square foot mosaic mural was produced within an eight-week s...
  2011   Art   ~1mi 

'Come to Light' 5800 N. Lake Shore Drive. Artist: Brett Whitacre 'Come to Light' was designed to represent a change in light over the course of a day and also the change that happens within each of us. From one wall to the next wall, The artist wanted the size, color, shape, and details of the piece to change as it traveled from one wall through the second and to the last on...
  2011   Art   ~7.3mi 

Cook County Day Reporting Center Rahmaan Barnes
  2010   Art   ~4.6mi 

Spirit of Hyde Park Restorations: Bernard William
  2010   Art   ~6.6mi 

Reavis School Carolyn Elaine
  2010   Art   ~5.5mi 

Logan Square Neighborhood Association Juan Carlos Perez, After School Matters
  2010   Art   ~4.5mi 

Ft. Sheridan Ginny Sykes & Augustina Drove
  2010   Art   ~24.6mi 

Albany Whipple Park Phil Schuster
  2010   Art   ~4.4mi 

Chase School Ginny Sykes
  2009   Art   ~4.3mi 

Alewives 1972/2009 Original artist: Albert Zeno. 2009 Artist: Damon Lamar Reed
  2009   Art   ~6.3mi 

Donoghue School Mural 707 E 37th St. Artists Damon Reed and Siddha Webber. 'There is a Hero Within You' is located at the Donoghue School. It depicts Martin Luther Jr. King and U.S. President Barack Obama.
  2009   Art   ~3.9mi 

Jessie Owens Park 2032 E 88th St. Artist Julia Sowles-Barlow and Brenda Vega. CPAG contributed several mosaic columns and a colorful tile mosaic on the rear retaining wall of the playground.
  2009   Art   ~10.7mi 

'Reaching Back, Moving Forward, Lest We Forget the Song of 47th Street' 47th St and Lake Shore Drive Underpass. Artist Carolyn Elaine and John Pitman Weber. This mosiac mural was created to represent and enrich the history of the Hyde Park/Bronzeville area. The mural urges people to know their history: 'Know, Learn, Read'. Through the use of Adinkra and Native American symbo...
  2009   Art   ~5.3mi 

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