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Fright Fest at Great America (Fr/Sa/Su). Seasonal Fright Fest (since 1991) . Redecorated rides and additional Halloween attractions. Fr/Sa/Su -2017.10.29 Yearly. All ages. $$ Various hours. Come early, use coupons, strategize your visit for best results. Great America, 847/249-1776, 5312 Grand Ave, Gurnee. MAP PHOTOS EVENTS INFO SHARE
     Fun   ~37.1mi 
World's Best Costume Shop at Fantasy HQ. Seasonal World's Best Costume Shop. -2017.10.31 Yearly. Open 24/7 this week. Incomparably huge and comprehensive. Some staff costumed. Fantasy Costume Headquarters, 773/777-0222, 4065 N Milwaukee. MAP PHOTOS EVENTS INFO SHARE
     Fun   ~7.6mi 
Scream Scene Haunted House Skokie (Fr/Sa). Seasonal Scream Scene Haunted House. Spooktacular! Fr/Sa -2017.10.28 Yearly. Not for ages under 10. $10 7-10p. Over 20 unique rooms. Not for the faint of heart. Skokie Park District, 847/674-1500 x0, 4701 Oakton, Skokie. At Water Playground. MAP PHOTOS EVENTS INFO SHARE
     Fun   ~11.6mi 
Ghosts Of Graceland Cemetery walking tour (Su). Seasonal Ghosts Of Graceland Family Walking Tour. Stroll the big name graves. Sundays -2017.10.29 Yearly. All ages. $15+ 2hr 1:30p. VERY qualified tour guides, lots of interesting history. Graceland Cemetery, 312/922-3432, 4000 N Clark. MAP PHOTOS EV...
     Fun   ~5.3mi 
International Film Fest at multiple theaters. Ongoing Chicago International Film Festival (since 1965) . -2017.10.26 Yearly. $8-11+ Various times. World-class premiers, best of the best from six continents and 30+ countries. Dozens of special guests and jurors. See website for details. 312/683-0121 AMC River East 21, 312/596-0333, 322 E. Illinois St. ...
     Fun   ~.8mi 
Joffrey's Giselle at Auditorium. Ongoing Joffrey's Giselle. -2017.10.29 $40-170+ Various times. Auditorium, 312/431-2357, 50 E Congress. Downtown. MAP TICKETS INFO SHARE
     Fun   ~.5mi 
UniverSoul Circus at Washington Park. Ongoing UniverSoul Circus (since 1994) . African-American owned, operated and staffed. -2017.10.29 Yearly. All ages. $18-40 Various times. Ringmasta and at least a dozen acts! Washington Park, 5531 S Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr. MAP PHOTOS EVENTS INFO SHARE
     Fun   ~6.1mi 
Infinite Wrench at Neo-Futurarium. Ongoing The Infinite Wrench. -2017.12.17 Su 7p, Fr+Sa 11:30p. Successor to TMLMBGB's 28 year run. Neo-Futurarium, 773/275-5255, 5153 N Ashland. MAP PHOTOS EVENTS INFO SHARE
     Fun   ~6.8mi 

Arts in the Dark Parade. Saturday 2017.10.21 * Arts in the Dark Parade. Yearly. All ages. Free 6-8p. Chicago creative communities assemble for a powerful procession capturing their spirits. Large spectacle, legions of lanterns, costumes, music, dance, moving platforms, more. On Columbus Parading north from Balbo to Monroe. MAP ...
  Sat 10/21 6p   Fun   ~.7mi 
College of Complexes at Dappers East Restaurant. Saturday 2017.10.21 College of Complexes (since 1951) . "The Playground for People Who Think" Saturdays All ages. $3? 2.5hrs 6-11p. Structured Weekly Free Speech Forum With Quality Lecturers and Good American Food And Bar. 10.21: Police Crime and Racism â€" How to End Them Both Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Poli...
  Sat 10/21 6p   Fun   ~5.8mi 

The Amazing Acro-Cats at Vittum Theater. Saturday 2017.10.21 * The Amazing Acro-Cats. -Sunday All ages. $20+ Th+Fr 7:30p, Sa+Su 3:30+7:30p. Samantha Martin's performing pets ride skateboards, roll barrels, ring bells, walk high wire, play in a band and more! Vittum Theater, 773/342-4141, 1012 N Noble St. MAP INFO SHARE
  Sat 10/21 7:30p   Fun   ~4.3mi 
Night of the Stripping Dead at Admiral Theater. Saturday 2017.10.21 Night of the Stripping Dead. -Saturday Yearly. 18+ $40+ 2 nites 9p. Extreme performers, costume contest, zombie strippers, food trucks, ... Admiral Theater, 773/478-8111, 3940 W Lawrence. MAP SHARE
  Sat 10/21 9p   Fun   ~7.9mi 
"Twisted" at Berlin. Saturday 2017.10.21 "Twisted" Saturdays 21+ $0 -11p, $5 -1a, $7+ 9:30p-5a. "Meet and mingle with a truly diverse crowd. Dress up or dress down... this is the place to be what you want to be!" Berlin, 773/348-4975, 954 W Belmont. Near Red line Belmont stop. MAP PHOTOS FIND EVENTS INFO SHARE
  Sat 10/21 9:30p   Fun   ~4.2mi 
Kiss Kiss Cabaret at Uptown Underground. Saturday 2017.10.21 Kiss Kiss Cabaret (since 2011) . Fr/Sa 18+ $20-40 10p. A wild mix of hilarious hosts, quirky musicians, incredible variety performers and beautiful burlesque beauties. Catch the up-close magic show at 7:30p. Uptown Underground, 773/867-1946, 4707 N Broadway. MAP SHARE
  Sat 10/21 10p   Fun   ~6.1mi 

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