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History of the Packinghouse Worker 4859 S Wabash Ave. Artist William Walker. This mural depicts the history of the Amalgamated Meatcutters and Butchers Workmen Union. It was one of the first public murals dealing with labor and worker's Unions.
  1974   Art   ~2mi 

Peck School 3826 W 58th St Artist Mirtes Zwierzynski. Peck students from the 3rd through 8th grades created two small mosaic murals, located on the west exterior of the building, in front of the garden. The theme, Magic or Enchanted Garden was inspired by the student/teacher created school garden.
  2009   Art   ~2mi 

Safe Passage Project Little Village Lawndale High SchoolLead Artist: T.Van Duinen. The 'Safe Passage' project brought together the students of North Lawndale and Little Village who attended the four high schools that make up LVLHS as they stenciled guardian angels onto the sidewalks leading up to the main entrance of Little Village Lawndale High School. This is the second ar...
  2005   Art   ~2.9mi 

Project VIDA Mural 2659 S Kedvale Ave, Artist Maria Gaspar. This mural, which includes mosaic elements, is located on the exterior of Project Vida's office. Project Vida is a non-profit organization that promotes HIV/AIDS education and support for community members.
  2009   Art   ~3.5mi 

Roots and Wing 3543 W 63rd St. Artists Carl Yasko and Lucyna Radyki. This mural was conceived to celebrate the centennial of Chicago Lawn.
  1976   Art   ~3.6mi 

Peoples Park Mural S Drexel Ave & E 62nd St. Artists Damon Lamar Reed. This Woodlawn area mural highlights the important and influential people of the area.
  2005   Art   ~3.7mi 

Reflections of Good 2601 W. 63rd St. Artist Juan Chavez. Reflections of Good is a brilliant mixed-media mosaic that developed from multiple conversations between the Greater South West Side Development Corporation and the Inner City Muslim Action Network (IMAN).
  2006   Art   ~3.7mi 

Madero Middle School Mural 3202 W 28th St. Artists Hector Duarte and Mariah de Forest. This mural, depicting Francisco I. Madero and a Mexican eagle, was completed with the help of Madero students.
  2000   Art   ~4mi 

Faces of Culture: Wall of Diversity 2100 W Garfield Blvd. Artist John Yancey. This mural, located on the boulevard median, is meant to illustrate and celebrate the richness of culture and the diversity of the community.
  1990   Art   ~4.1mi 

'We Are, Nosotros Somos...' Little Village/Lawndale Paderewski School. 2221 South Lawndale. Maria Gaspar and Rahmaan Barnes. This mural, part of the Safe Passages project, was created to address racial tension between the communities.
  2007   Art   ~4.2mi 

Change Maker Artists: Damon Reed & Moses Ball
  2005   Art   ~4.3mi 

Cook County Day Reporting Center Rahmaan Barnes
  2010   Art   ~4.3mi 

City of Site Day Report Center at 3026 S. California Ave. Artist: Rahmaan Barnes. Epic of the rising Phoenix is a large scale painting project developed on canvas in the Day Reporting Division of the Cook County Jail. The function of this project is to inspire the individuals that use this facility to recover and rise above there mistakes for which they were incarcerated. Th...
  2005   Art   ~4.3mi 

Notros Somos, Paderewski School C. Elaine S. Kazimieraitiene
  2005   Art   ~4.3mi 

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