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Blue AMX "Streamer" 421 S Dearborn. (~63 E Congress Pkwy, Loop Footwear)
  Sun 9/23/12 6:27p   Andrew Bedno   ~.4mi

Lone wheel at 701 S State St (~735 S State St, Loop Footwear)
  Wed 9/12/12 6:14p   Andrew Bedno   ~.6mi

Trek on the bike rack at 4055 N. Broadway is not actually locked.
  Mon 10/3/16 6:36p   Andrew Bedno
Problems with item delivery, n.00485827 Dear Customer, We could not deliver your parcel. Please, download Delivery Label attached to this email. Sincerely, Greg Carey, Sr. Station Agent.
  Wed 9/21/16 1:52p   Gre~ey
Problems with item delivery, n.00000387481 Dear Customer, We could not deliver your parcel. Shipment Label is attached to this email. Warm regards, Dustin Rogers, Sr. Station Agent.
  Mon 9/19/16 6:40a   Dus~rs
Delivery Notification, ID 00000452163 Dear Customer, Your parcel has arrived at September 11. Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you. Shipment Label is attached to this email. Yours sincerely, Terrence Mcintyre, FedEx Delivery Agent.
  Mon 9/12/16 4:21a   Ter~re
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  Tue 7/12/16 12:26p   Ran~gh

Beigh racer, 30 W Monroe St
  Wed 3/23/11 8:59a   Andrew Bedno   ~.7mi

Two-tone beige racer, been here >2 months, 30 W Monroe (~Peace Corps, 55 W Monroe St # 450)
  Thu 5/26/11 9:24a   Andrew Bedno   ~.7mi

Red "Galaxy" downtown on State north of Adams. (~30 S Dearborn St)
  Wed 9/7/11 8:39a   Andrew Bedno   ~.7mi

Black custom on VanBuren W of LaSalle. (~132-152 West Van Buren Street)
  Fri 10/18/13 3:21p   Andrew Bedno   ~.8mi

Silver KHS downtown, with notice. (~143-153 W Jackson Blvd)
  Wed 9/14/11 9:13a   Andrew Bedno   ~.8mi

Fisher Oberon at 215 W Jackson (~403-445 S Franklin St)
  Mon 5/23/11 6:03p   Andrew Bedno   ~.9mi

Black Trek 800 334 N Franklin
  Thu 9/27/12 10:07a   Andrew Bedno   ~1mi

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