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Jones College Prep Mosaic Planter 606 S State St. Artist Kristal Pacheco. The project consists of four large mosaic planters. The mosaic starts out shaped as a flag with words and images of patriotism, love, and friendship.
  2002   Art   ~.6mi 

Jones College Prep Mural 606 S State St. Artists Chris Silva and Melissa Quintas. Freshman students worked with the artists to create Soaring Towards Excellence : a unique and colorful mural. The mural is done on plywood, which allowed for interesting cut-outs. Flying images were used as a metaphor for learning and human evolution.
  1999   Art   ~.6mi 

Aqua Interlude & Reflection 1200 S. Columbus Dr. Artist: Mirtes Zwierzynski and Maria Gaspar Aqua Interlude & Reflection, was produced this past summer 2011 with the participation of fifty youth, two lead artists, several artist assistants, and many volunteers, in collaboration with After-School Matters. This 1,600 square foot mosaic mural was produced within an eight-week s...
  2011   Art   ~.6mi 

Hopes and Dream CTA Red Line stop at Roosevelt and Wabash. Artists Juan Chavez and Corrine Peterson.
  2002   Art   ~.8mi 

Loop Tattoo 63 E. Lake Street. Artist: Johanna Poethig.
  2005   Art   ~.9mi 

Water Marks at Navy Pier 600 E Grand Ave at Ontario Street, IL 60611. Artists Olivia Gude, Jon Pounds, Keila Songhay Smith, Cynthia Weiss, and Mirtes Zwierzynski.
  1998   Art   ~1mi 

Memorial Wall 1521 S Wabash Ave. Artist John Pitman Weber and Mirtes Zwierzynski. Memorial Wall is a free standing carved brick wall. The wall includes columns, a mask, and wings -symbolizing those who have died. It was commissioned by the AIDS foundation.
  1999   Art   ~1.2mi 

Mother Nature's Spirit of the Great Lake 233 W Huron St. Artist Oscar Romero. This mural symbolizes the importance of the Great Lakes in this central region of North America. The mural includes images of native flora and fauna.
  1996   Art   ~1.5mi 

Hilliard Apartment Benche Kiela Smith
  2005   Art   ~1.6mi 

Hilliard Apartments Mosaic Benche Hilliard Apartments at State and Cermak. Artist Olivia Gude and Julia Sowles-Barlow.
  2007   Art   ~1.8mi 

RORA 536 W Erie St (At Erie St and the Chicago River). Artist Ginny Sykes. The title of this two part mosaic is Rora, a Potowami word that means 'confluence'. This abstracted mosaic represents the past, present, and future of the Chicago River and its relationship with the City.
  1999   Art   ~1.8mi 

Pyramids of Power; The Black Family 2328 S Dearborn St. Artist Nina Smoot Cain and John Yancey. This ceramic-tile mosaic is symbolic of the stability, strength, and structure of family and 'while the piece honors single-parent households, it also affirms the need for men and women to work together to raise children'.
  1988   Art   ~1.9mi 

Greenfield Page Community Park 1073 W Maxwell St. Artist Lynn Takata. This South Side park was created with the help of over 150 volunteers (mostly women and children who learned these construction skills for a job training program). The park includes five concrete sculptures and two figurative sculptural benches.
  1983   Art   ~2.1mi 

Fosco Park: Imagining the Possibilitie S Racine Ave & S Blue Island Ave. Artist Corinne Peterson. This ceramic mural was created by Chicago children, under the supervision of CPAG. Imagining the Possibilities was designed under the concept that dreams play an important role in the making of the world.
  2004   Art   ~2.2mi 

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