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Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain and Garden, Grant Park at Congress Drive, 1927 Bennett, Parsons & Frost with Jacques Lambert
  Wed 8/30/2000   Landmark   ~.1mi 

Fine Arts Building, 410 S Michigan Av, 1885 add & remod. 1898 Solon S. Beman
  Wed 6/7/1978   Landmark   ~.4mi 

Auditorium Building, 430 S Michigan Av, 1886-90 Adler & Sullivan
  Wed 9/15/1976   Landmark   ~.4mi 

Chapin and Gore Building, 63 E Adams, 1904 Richard E. Schmidt and Hugh M.G. Garden
  Thu 1/21/1982   Landmark   ~.5mi 

Blackstone Hotel, 636 S Michigan Ave, 1910 Marshall & Fox
  Wed 4/29/1998   Landmark   ~.5mi 

Gage Group, 18,24, and 30 S Michigan Av, 1899-1900 Louis H. Sullivan (18),Holabird & Roche (25 & 30)
  Wed 9/11/1996   Landmark   ~.5mi 

Leiter II Building, 403 S State St, 1891 William LeBaron Jenney
  Tue 1/14/1997   Landmark   ~.5mi 

Jewelers Building, 15-17 S Wabash Av, 1881-82 Dankmar Adler with Louis H. Sullivan
  Tue 12/8/1981   Landmark   ~.5mi 

Palmer House Hotel, 17 E Monroe St, 1925-27 Holabird & Roche
  Wed 12/13/2006   Landmark   ~.6mi 

Haskell-Barker-Atwater Buildings, 18-28 S Wabash Av, 1875-77 Wheelock & Thomas and John M. Van Osdel
  Wed 11/13/1996   Landmark   ~.6mi 

Carson Pirie Scott & Company Building, 1 S State St, 1898-99 Louis H. Sullivan, 1905-6:D.H. Burnham&Co.
  Thu 11/5/1970   Landmark   ~.6mi 

Heyworth Building, 29 E Madison st, 1904 D.H. Burnham & Co.
  Wed 9/27/2000   Landmark   ~.6mi 

Pittsfield Building, 55 E Washington st, 1927 Graham, Anderson, Probst & White
  Wed 11/6/2002   Landmark   ~.6mi 

Chicago Public Library/Cultural Center, 78 E Washington St, 1897 Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge
  Fri 11/5/1976   Landmark   ~.6mi 

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