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Jacqueline Marie Michon Sat 2011.08.13, 25 Jacqueline M. / 25 Forever / "You belong among the wildflowers..." Installed Tuesday May 15th 2012. 225 N Wabash Ave, SE corner at Wacker.
  Tue 5/15/12   D~a   ~.8mi 

Ryan B
  Wed 5/15/13 7:22p   Andrew Bedno   ~1.5mi

Clinton Miceli, Mon 06/09/2008, 22 - Visible in Google Street View! - 963 North La Salle Dr - East side of street, SE corner at alley between W Delaware Pl and W Oak St.
  Mon 6/9/2008   D~a   ~1.8mi 

Heading for 963 N La Salle Dr (Clinton Miceli)
  Sun 11/7/10 2:32p   Andrew Bedno   ~1.8mi

Neill Strayer Townsend, Fri 2012.10.05, 32 "In Loving Memory ~ 9/28/80-10/5/2012 ~ Son. Brother. Friend. Protector. Cyclist." - 1000 N Wells, NW corner at Oak. Doored. Built by the usual crew.
  Fri 10/5/12   D~a   ~1.9mi 

Frederick K
  Wed 5/15/13 7:39p   Andrew Bedno   ~2.2mi

Heading for 1318 W Division St (Alicia Frantz)
  Sun 11/7/10 2:42p   Andrew Bedno   ~2.9mi

Hector Avalos ghost bike (~2552 West Ogden Avenue)
  Fri 12/27/13 7:15p   Andrew Bedno   ~3.9mi 
Isai Medina, Thu 01/05/2006, 50 - "Beloved husband and father, struck and killed by a car" - Installation drew TV news and arrests. - 1001 N. Western Ave - NE corner of N. Western Ave at W Augusta Blvd Removed for maintenance 2012.10.07
  Thu 1/5/2006   D~a   ~3.9mi 

Heading for 1000 N Western Ave (Isai Medina)
  Sun 11/7/10 3:14p   Andrew Bedno   ~3.9mi

2593 N Western Ave (Tyler Fabeck)
  Sun 11/7/10 4:56p   Andrew Bedno   ~5.1mi

Tyler James Fabeck, Sun 04/20/2008, 22 - "Never Forget" - Visible in Google Street View! - 2593 N. Western Ave - SE corner of W Logan Blvd and northbound N Western Ave
  Sun 4/20/2008   D~a   ~5.1mi 

Liza Whitacre, 3000 N Damen Ave
  Sun 11/7/10 5:23p   Andrew Bedno   ~5.1mi

Liza Whitacre, Wed 10/21/2009, 20 - "lil bit" - 3000 N. Damen - NW corner on N Damen Ave at W Wellington Ave
  Wed 10/21/2009   D~a   ~5.1mi 

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