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Mather High School 5835 N Lincoln Ave. Artist Phil Schuster. This public art project consists of two concrete relief culvert planters, with the theme of native animal and plant life.
  2003   Art   ~.7mi 

Mountains+Water+We The People 3555 W Lawrence Ave. Artist Sun Yun. The mural is done in traditional Korean folk painting style. Yun's goal was to reintrioduce Korean heritage share it with the American community.
  1995   Art   ~1.5mi 

Fabric of Our Live 3003 W Touhy Ave. Artists Miriam Socoloff and Cynthia Weiss.
  1980   Art   ~1.6mi 

Warren Park Benche N Western Ave & W Pratt Ave. Artist Lynn Takata. Located outside the park's fieldhouse is a free-formed concrete seating area decorated with ceramic-tile mosaics.
  1989   Art   ~1.7mi 

Journeys and Refuge 4540 N Campbell Ave. Artists Cynthia Weiss and Phil Schuster. This collaborative project (Waters Elementary School) between students, parents, and the artists focuses on stories of people and places that provide strength and hope for the future. Together they built a beautiful 8 ft. long mosaic bench with surrounding paving stones.
  1999   Art   ~2.3mi 

Levy Center 300 S. Dodge Evanston, IL 60202. Artist Ginny Sykes. These glass panel mosaics of native flowers are located in an active garden area and also serve as a backdrop to recitals and performances.
  2004   Art   ~2.4mi 

Hayt Elementary School 1518 W Granville Ave. Artist Julia Sowles-Barlow. 'From Many We Come...We Are One' is a series of unique and intricate mosaic totems. The totems include various religious and spiritual symbols that together, symbolize the importance of religious unity.
  2009   Art   ~2.5mi 

New Patterns/Future Vision 1500 W Thorndale Ave. Artist Mirtes Zwierzynski. Located at the Senn Metro Academy, this project involved the design and installation of pavement and two columns for the arena in the park. The vibrant color and pattern of the columns reflects the areas flow of people and cultures coming together in the celebration of life.
  1997   Art   ~2.5mi 

The Heart of Rogers Park Dev Corp North at Morse and Glenwood. Viaduct Enhancement. Artist Damon Reed. This mural, located at the CTA Red Line Morse stop, highlights the neighborhood as an arts, music, and theater district.
  2007   Art   ~2.9mi 

Wall of Struggle and Dream Brummel St & Clyde Ave Evanston, IL 60202. Artist Kiela Songhay Smith. The Wall of Struggle and Dreams spans 326 ft. It is painted accross a plywood fence in the park/playgound. Over 140 community members helped paint and design this mural, which they also titled.
  1993   Art   ~2.9mi 

Windform Artist Lynn Takata. Located on Pratt beach in the Rogers Park neighborhood, this unique sculpture was made with the help of hundreds of Rogers Park volunteers and students from six local schools.
  1989   Art   ~3.2mi 

Mosaic Living Center 7464 N Sheridan Rd. Artists Tracy Van Duinen, Maria Gasper, and Damon Reed. This brickolage mosaic is located outside of the entrance to the Progresive Rehabilitation Institute. It was completed with the help of 25 PRI residents whose drawings were included in the mosaic.
  2003   Art   ~3.2mi 

I Choose My Own Path: Vaughn High School 4355 N Linder Ave. Artist Carolyn Elaine. This broken tile mosaic, titled I Choose My Own Path uses student designs that represent the 'potential that positive, empowered, educated individuals can create for themselves'.
  2003   Art   ~3.2mi 

Growing, Edgewater Bryn Mawr Underpass, Lead Artists: T. Van Duinen and T. Osborn The Growing mural project was designed and implemented to bring together and beautify the Edgewater community using public art while extending and complimenting sister wall Living. The process lasted 12 months, which included a series of community discussions, artist led art-making workshops, a...
  2008   Art   ~3.3mi 

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