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Fun Bands at Navy Pier Beer Garden nightly. Saturday 2019.08.17 Fun Bands at the Beer Garden nightly. All ages. Free UNCONFIRMED Navy Pier, 312/595-7437 (PIER), 600 E Grand. Miller Beer Garden at the Tip. MAP PHOTOS FIND EVENTS INFO SHARE
  Sat 8/17   Fun   ~8.8mi 
Pleasant Outdoor Concerts daily at Ravinia. Saturday 2019.08.17 Pleasant Outdoor Concerts almost daily. -2019.09.17 Yearly. UNCONFIRMED Ravinia, 847/266-5100, 400 Iris Lane, Highland Pk. Served by Metra. MAP PHOTOS EVENTS INFO SHARE
  Sat 8/17   Fun   ~12mi 
Bristol Renaissance Faire (Sa/Su). Saturday 2019.08.17 Bristol Renaissance Faire (since 1988) . Party like it's 1599!!! Sa/Su -2019.09.01 Yearly. All ages. $8-16+ Coupons online. 10a-7p UNCONFIRMED Open just nine enchanted weekends, rain or shine. Spend all day. Hundreds of costumed performers (about a dozen stages) including Queen Elizabeth & Court, over 160 unique artisans...
  Sat 8/17 10a   Fun   ~37.4mi 

Glenwood Ave Arts Fest. Saturday 2019.08.17 * Glenwood Ave Arts Fest (since 2002) . -Sunday Yearly. All ages. Free 12-9p UNCONFIRMED Arts, crafts, music, theatre, bands, numerous quality entertainers for kids. Glenwood at Morse Rogers Park. MAP PHOTOS INFO SHARE
  Sat 8/17 12p   Fun   ~2.9mi 
International Art Open at Woman Made Gallery. Saturday 2019.08.17 International Art Open (since 1987) . -2019.09.05 Yearly. Th+Fr -6p, Sa+Su 12-4p UNCONFIRMED Juried works by dozens of artists. Woman Made Gallery, 312/738-0400, 2150 S. Canalport #4A-3. MAP PHOTOS EVENTS INFO SHARE
  Sat 8/17 12p   Fun   ~10.1mi 
College of Complexes at Dappers East Restaurant. Saturday 2019.08.17 College of Complexes (since 1951) . "The Playground for People Who Think" Saturdays All ages. $3? 2.5hrs 6-11p UNCONFIRMED Structured Weekly Free Speech Forum With Quality Lecturers and Good American Food And Bar. 312/326-2120 Dappers East Restaurant, 773/509-9100, 2901 W. Addison. fa...
  Sat 8/17 6p   Fun   ~3.2mi 
Chicago Summerdance at Grant Park. Saturday 2019.08.17 Chicago Summerdance (since 1997) . Lessons, dancing, big bands, different style everyday. -2019.08.25 Yearly. All ages. Free Su 4-7p, Th-Sa 6-9:30p UNCONFIRMED Salsa, Swing, Waltz, Bamboleo, Cha Cha, Polka, Tango, Mambo, Fox Trot, etc. Lessons first hour. Grant Park, 312/742-4007, 601 S Michigan. B...
  Sat 8/17 6p   Fun   ~9.4mi 
Grant Park Music Festival (We/Fr/Sa). Saturday 2019.08.17 Grant Park Music Festival (since 1935) . -2019.08.17 Yearly. All ages. Free Various We/Fr/Sa 6:30p UNCONFIRMED World-class orchestra, chorus and conductors, and an outstanding roster of local and international guest artists perform classical several days a week. 312/742-7638 Grant Park, Colu...
  Sat 8/17 6:30p   Fun   ~9.2mi 
Bands at Montrose Beach. Saturday 2019.08.17 Bands at Montrose Beach. Daily. -2019.09.01 Yearly. All ages. Free 7p UNCONFIRMED Plus beers, cocktails, dining. Montrose Beach, 200 W Montrose Harbor Dr. MAP SHARE
  Sat 8/17 7p   Fun   ~4.4mi 
"Twisted" at Berlin. Saturday 2019.08.17 "Twisted" Saturdays 21+ $0 -11p, $5 -1a, $7+ 9:30p-5a. "Meet and mingle with a truly diverse crowd. Dress up or dress down... this is the place to be what you want to be!" Berlin, 773/348-4975, 954 W Belmont. Near Red line Belmont stop. MAP PHOTOS FIND EVENTS INFO SHARE
  Sat 8/17 9:30p   Fun   ~4.8mi 
Fireworks at Navy Pier (We+Sa). Saturday 2019.08.17 FIREWORKS!!! Sa/We -2019.08.31 Yearly. All ages. Free We 9:30p, Sa 10:15p UNCONFIRMED Visible anywhere near the lake. Navy Pier, 312/222-9328, 600 E Grand. Take the free trolley. MAP PHOTOS FIND EVENTS INFO SHARE
  Sat 8/17 10:15p   Fun   ~8.8mi 
Vaudezilla! at Stage 773. Saturday 2019.08.17 Vaudezilla! Saturdays 18+ $20 10:30p UNCONFIRMED One-of-a-kind burlesque, drag, and aerial acts ranging from classic Vegas-style showgirls to cutting-edge gender-non-conforming performance artists. Stage 773, 773/327-5252, 1225 W. Belmont. Near Racine. MAP INFO SHARE
  Sat 8/17 10:30p   Fun   ~4.6mi 
Wolff's Flea Market & Antique Mall at Allstate. Sunday 2019.08.18 Wolff's Flea Market (since 1991) . Sundays All ages. $1 Most weeks. 6a-3p UNCONFIRMED 500 market spaces. Clean, comprehensive, entertaining, with free parking, food and restrooms. 847/524-9590 Allstate Arena, 847/635-6601, 6920 Mannheim Rd, Rosemont. MAP TICKETS PHOTOS EVENTS INFO ...
  Sun 8/18 6a   Fun   ~8.8mi 
Vintage Garage. Sunday 2019.08.18 Vintage Garage. 3rd Sundays $? 11a-6p UNCONFIRMED 100 vintage and antique dealers. 847/579-9079 5051 N Broadway Uptown between Foster and Argyle. MAP SHARE
  Sun 8/18 11a   Fun   ~3.2mi 

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