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Heading for 4401 N Ravenswood Ave
  Sun 11/7/10 5:59p   Andrew Bedno   ~3.7mi

Rob Heinbockel, Wed 2003.07.09, 49 - "5-23-53 7-9-03" / "Only the good die young." - Built and installed by the usual crew. Requested by the family nine years posthumous. Struck by drunk driver. - 4955 N. Milwaukee - E corner on N Milwaukee at W Gale. - Jefferson Park, IL
  Sun 7/8/12   D~a   ~3.8mi 

4009 N Lincoln
  Sun 11/7/10 5:41p   Andrew Bedno   ~4mi

Joseph "Jay" Korner, Sat 11/06/2014, 78 - 3500 N. Lincoln Ave
  Tue 5/17/16   D~a   ~4.6mi

Liza Whitacre, Wed 10/21/2009, 20 - "lil bit" - 3000 N. Damen - NW corner on N Damen Ave at W Wellington Ave
  Wed 10/21/2009   D~a   ~5.2mi 

Liza Whitacre, 3000 N Damen Ave
  Sun 11/7/10 5:23p   Andrew Bedno   ~5.2mi

Jepson Livingston, Tue 12/15/2009, 32 - "He Loved To Cook" - Disappeared in September 2011 but re-created and re-installed by volunteers. - 3833 W Diversey - Kosciuszko Park, SW corner Diversey at Avers
  Tue 12/15/2009   D~a   ~5.3mi 

Heading for 3833 W Diversey Ave (Jepson Livingston)
  Sun 11/7/10 4:30p   Andrew Bedno   ~5.3mi

Tyler James Fabeck, Sun 04/20/2008, 22 - "Never Forget" - Visible in Google Street View! - 2593 N. Western Ave - SE corner of W Logan Blvd and northbound N Western Ave
  Sun 4/20/2008   D~a   ~5.6mi 

2593 N Western Ave (Tyler Fabeck)
  Sun 11/7/10 4:56p   Andrew Bedno   ~5.6mi

Heading for 2000N Kedzie Ave (Amanda "Mandy" Annis)
  Sun 11/7/10 3:51p   Andrew Bedno   ~6.3mi

Amanda "Mandy" Annis, Wed 04/30/2008, 24 - "Finished God's Race in 24 years." - Reported new location, moved from 3000 W Armitage Ave in April 2010. - 2000 N. Kedzie - Kittycorner from Blanca Alicia Ocasio ghostbike
  Wed 4/30/2008   D~a   ~6.3mi 

Heading for 1995 N Kedzie Ave (Blanca Alicia Ocasio)
  Sun 11/7/10 3:42p   Andrew Bedno   ~6.3mi

Blanca Alicia Ocasio, Tue 09/11/2007, 19 - "a.k.a. 'Chi-Chi' / in God's care" - 1995 N. Kedzie Ave - SE corner of W. Armitage Ave and N. Kedzie Ave
  Tue 9/11/2007   D~a   ~6.3mi 

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