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Make music with common items! In this tutorial, musician and @ChicagoParks' teaching artist Rob Frye explores the s…
  Wed 6/3 2p   Chicagoparks  
Join us for the final Circuit Training session on Instagram with @ChicagoParks' Latasha White LIVE at 12:30 pm. 👉…
  Wed 6/3 9:28a   Chicagoparks  
Create a Sound Walk Audio Tour with tips from musician and @ChicagoParks teaching artist Johanna Brock. Take a walk…
  Tue 6/2 2p   Chicagoparks  
Learn to sign your ABCs with @ChicagoParks Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing team, Sarah Faber and Tim Owens, & how to sign yo…
  Tue 6/2 10:29a   Chicagoparks  
If you're a vendor, consider applying for Notice of Availability for a Preferred Professional. Learn more or downlo…
  Mon 6/1 5p   Chicagoparks  
Make Music with @ChicagoParks' Justin Botz. Learn how to create music loops with Korg's Kaossilator App. & your sma…
  Mon 6/1 2p   Chicagoparks  
Did you know reading increases your vocabulary and sharpens your memory? Read along with us & get smarter! Today's…
  Mon 6/1 10:01a   Chicagoparks  
RT @chicagosmayor: CURFEW IN EFFECT: Until further notice, a curfew between the hours of 9PM and 6AM is now in effect in the City of Chicag…
  Sun 5/31 6:27p   Chicagoparks
The City of Chicago joins in a moment of silence to mourn the loss of life of George Floyd.
  Sun 5/31 6:26p   Chicagoparks  
Grab your breakfast & sit down with us for storytime tomorrow morning. Find more stories at…
  Sun 5/31 11:09a   Chicagoparks  
See #Chicago during the pandemic through the eyes of five @ChicagoParks teen digital photographers. 👉…
  Sat 5/30 2p   Chicagoparks  
We’re partnering with @mbmhmc to deliver PPE to seniors in need until 12 pm (noon) at #WashingtonPark, 5531 S. Russ…
  Sat 5/30 10:08a   Chicagoparks  
Learn how-to create compositions from park sounds with the Boaderlands App & composer and Inferno: Chicago Park Dis…
  Fri 5/29 4:30p   Chicagoparks  
@LeftistLutheran @chicagosmayor Hi Ed! Beaches are closed, until further notice.
  Fri 5/29 1:13p   Chicagoparks

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