Chicago Ghost Bikes Tour - Sun 11/7/10 6p
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NOTES for Chicago Ghost Bikes Tour - Sun 11/7/10 6p
Chicago Ghost Bikes Tour (2010.11.07)
13 mile ride passing all ten local memorials to fallen cyclists.

Washington Square Park, 881 N. Clark

Exit W on W Delaware Pl
R (N) on N LaSalle Dr 0.1
963 N La Salle Dr
Clinton Miceli (6/9/08)

L (W) on W Oak St 0.1
L (S) on N Wells St 0.3
R (W) on W Chicago Ave 1.1
R (N) on Milwaukee then N Elston Ave 0.5
L (W) on W Division St 0.1
1318 W Division
Alicia Frantz (6/3/05)

W on W Division St 0.9
L (S) on N Damen Ave 0.3
R (W) on W Augusta Blvd 0.5
1001 N Western
Isai Medina (1/5/06)

W on W Augusta Blvd 0.8
R (N) on N Humboldt Dr 1.3
L (W) on W Armitage Ave 0.3
1995 N Kedzie
Blanca Alicia Ocasio (9/11/07)
2000 N Kedzie
Amanda "Mandy" Annis (4/30/08)

W on W Armitage Ave 0.8
R (N) on N Avers Ave 1.0
3833 W Diversey
Jepson Livingston (12/15/09)

R (E) on W Diversey Ave 0.6
R (SE) on N Milwaukee Ave 0.4
L (E) on W Logan Blvd 0.9
2593 N Western
Tyler Fabeck (4/20/08)

NE on W Logan Blvd 0.4
R (E) on W Diversey Ave 0.2
L (N) on N Damen Ave 0.3
3000 N Damen
Liza Whitacre (10/21/09)

N on N Damen Ave 1.2
4009 N Lincoln
Lincoln/Damen/Irving (2/28/08)

N on N Damen Ave 0.5
R (E) on W Montrose Ave 0.3
4401 N Ravenswood
1000 Ghost Bikes Monument (6/07/09)

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